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Gods like you have never seen before

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods - Rick Riordan, John Rocco

If you are one of those who are about to ask me “what! Greeks have different gods?” or “why is that weird hairy dude carrying a pitch fork? (by the way it is not a pitch fork, its a trident) orwho slept with whom (don’t ask it’s a long list….even worse than the whole Lindsay Lohan hookup list) then this is your thing.

Its freaking hilarious people

I always knew Zeus was kind of a….. (you get the idea) but now I am convinced that so was his father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son….basically the whole clan.

You thought the Addams family was a freaky bunch, try the Olympians. I m confused as to how these people address themselves. “ Hey sister who is also my wife and mother of my children and somebody else’s as well….. (yeah …that’s definitely not going to work) Believe me. At one page they are sister-brother, then turn over and they are married and have children and then the wifey cum sister goes to have kids with somebody else and brother cum husband cum pervert has kids with somebody else…. Phew ! talk about familial issues and relationship status (and you thought your relationship was complicated )

I picked this book just after having completed D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths and by now I had a vague idea of who is who and who did what in Greek mythology. So basically “Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods” was just refreshing what I now knew about Greek Gods. But what I got was more than a run over. It was pure entertainment

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods is a hilarious take on the gods. It is sarcastic, humorous, and witty. Along with all these, it also gives you apt and relevant details on the twelve Olympian gods right from their very origin. The book scored with me with its humor. I was laughing so hard with each pages of this book

There are so many twists and turns to greek mythology. Its more twisted and darker than the whole Corleone family from Godfather but the book maintains itself with the basics and essential details of the twelve Olympian gods. Trust me that is more than enough to make you want to bath yourself in fire to clean up the aftereffects of coming into close contact with the gods. But the book is a thorough entertainer and will keep your funny bones tickling

Greek Gods are not exactly pure and saintly and in fact each comes with their own share of debauchery, wickedness, cruelty and creepiness. While all other books dwindle between keeping it light and less creepy, this book has brought out things in its true form yet not making you squirm with repulsion but dying of laughter.

This book is your “Greek gods for dummies” but with a generous amount of humor. The language will crack you up and by the end you will know more about the twelve Olympians than what your teacher tried to squeeze into your brain.

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