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Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone - J.K. Rowling

Alright gather around!!! Collect your tickets here for we have for you an amazing persona who has not read Harry potter in her life and yes that person would be me.
Yeah yeah I know that I have to have been living under a rock to have not read this book yet. But at least I was aware of the series. So why finally read it?

a)One of my book soul mate have been practically begging me to do so
b)Let’s just say that there is this one person who may have not even bothered to read a shopping receipt in her life, let alone a book. So turns out that even this person has read harry potter series and even have all the seven books in her collection and when that person mocks you about having not read Harry potter, then you know things have gone bad and that you are doomed and you should pile up on the potter series as fast as you can, so that you could shut the person up.

You should know about me that my room has furniture made out of books because that’s how massive my collection and addiction to books is and apparently none of them is a harry potter book. Apparently not having read a Harry potter book makes me some kind of outlaw and sinner in the book world so fearing the wrath of book gods, I have finally read my first harry potter book. (so open up the best bottle in your collection and we will have party at your house)

So leaving all the crap aside…let’s talk about the book

There is practically nothing that you can say that has not been said before. Yes the book is intriguing, grasping and full of fun element. It is something that any age can immerse themselves into without regrets. No doubt I want to go through the entire series. There are elements and magic world details that need your undivided attention. In whole, the book is pretty good and one hell of a read.