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Let me tell you a story that will blow your brains (like literally)

The Blood and the Raven (A Tale of Vampires) (Volume 2) - John Hennessy
Once again thanks to the author for giving me an opportunity to read his works and share my views with other readers

So this is the third consecutive book that i have been reading from the author's work and i am seeing a tremendous progress.

The blood and Raven is a short story that is as good as the first book, " Murderous Little Darlings" from this series. The plot is spooky which i am finally starting to understand is a forte of the author. His stories are bathed in frightening elements that is best suited to read in the dark all alone, scaring the life out of you.

The book flows crisp and smoothly bringing all the elements together to keep you thrilled and chilled to your bones. The development of the plot is impressive and there is no apparent deviations in the narration making it more easy to absorb yourself into the story

The work shows a clever crafting and story weaving and makes you wonder how else will the author scare you in his next work

The Blood and Raven is a quick read and carries a very powerful story, that is narrated with efficiency and impressively put together with a proper start and ending so as you do not get lost with the specifics considering that it is of mere 74 pages. The fact is that in these mere 74 pages, the author will make you run for cover, if you are weak heart or jumping with excitement if you love horror stories. (as for what the book did to me ..... i will tell you right after i come out of my hiding)