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My Hero is Back and so is the action

The Warrior Code (Warriors Series Book 3) - Ty Patterson
First of all a huge thanks to the author for giving me a copy of his book and bringing up with such a wonderful and brilliant series

You may think that for hardcore action thriller fans there would be a whole lot of options available out there. True! There are. But none that are good enough to make your adrenaline skyrocket. In my view a true action book should make your blood pump or the very least develop an urge in you to punch someone(kids !! don't try this at home) and The warrior code fulfills both these criteria for me.

The warrior Code in a whole lot of ways reminds me of Jack Reacher, when the series used to be good and oozed testosterone.while that series has mellowed down, the warrior series is only getting better and better. The central character has been brought back with so much passion and power that you almost forgive his absence all these while (i said forgive ! not forget ) . A good action thriller is hard to narrate especially the action part. And that is where i am impressed by in this book.

Show me fist fights or dirty words like, Remington, colt or Sniper shot and i am there and the book has no dearth of it

Although everything works perfectly for me, there were two things that bothered me in the book. The Head and the tail. Head in the sense that , there was a huge revelation towards the end of the second book and the starting of this book did not even had a hint towards this major turning point. Its like nothing of this sort happened. Tail in the sense that, the climax and the wrapping up had still loose ends and unanswered question for me. Lets just say that yes it was a good end but something seems to be missing.

The book can be a good standalone as the plot is fresh and with new beginning and needs no background information to understand the plot and the required essentials are given for the convenience of the new readers.In fact i would say that i got more background information on many of these characters in the this book rather than the previous ones.

Those who are planning to file a missing persons report for "Jack Reacher" may find him in a new revamped avatar in this series. This book is for all those who are hard core fans of Jack Reacher or Mitch rapp because the central character Zeb and his team are a melange of every action hero you ever worshiped. One thing i like is that while other books emphasis on "the lone wolf" factor, the warrior series is all about team play and the co- ordination between the team.

The action sequences are perfectly portrayed through a well played out narration and the characters of the book are stronger than ever. The warrior series is emerging as a strong contender in the action genre with a powerful, intelligent and masculine hero to back it up. Its everything the "jack reacher" series started out as and ended up loosing. The plot has good twists and turns and keeps the entertainment portion thoroughly fed. The series is getting better and better, becoming hard to avoid.

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