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It was a 300 watt jolt straight to my heart

Skeletal - Katherine Hayton

Huge thanks to the author for sharing a copy of her work with me. I am so glad that I got to read this book because it truly made me speechless and now I am gasping for both air and words to describe how I felt reading this book. I guess when a magpie like me can’t formulate words to describe something then that itself should show how big a deal the book was to me.

Suddenly I feel that I am in some kind of book haven because one after another I am being treated to this wonderful array of writers with exceptional works that I could not even find with the hot selling and established authors.

Lets start with a warning for the book that

Skeletal is not for the weak hearts because even though there are nothing that are too graphic, the events and one after another challenges brought up by the book will rip your heart and play with your sensitivity and that is why I would advice to strengthen yourself because you are up for one giant turbo rollercoaster.

Skeletal brings a story so strong and intense (very very intense) that you cannot avoid turning pages, just to know how things are going to shape up and then there is this whole mystery to the main plot that will anyways keep you awake at night.

One of the impressive things I found in the story was the narration. There is a very powerful narration technique used, which was something very different, creative and setting a nice suspenseful air to the whole book. It is a brilliant hybrid of first and third party narration. You have to read the book to know what I am exactly referring to. In fact the very first line of the book will make it clear for you

I have to say that the book just grips you by throat right at the beginning and refuses to let leave and give your breath back till the very end. Speaking of which, the end was……. I don’t know how to phrase it… let’s just say that the end revelation broke my heart and I spent an hour weeping and roaming around with a heavy heart. It was that good and heart wrenching and I cannot help but say it....I hate you Katherine (the author) I hate you for making me cry and getting me so hooked to your book.

I have to warn you that the book is not a happy one. There is no rosy days. Its one after another tales of survival and fight which makes it so good, inspiring and all the more make you grow a love for your live seeing how bad it could have been and how there are people who are going through worse situations than us and maybe that is why I suddenly have a new found love for my life and a feeling of being blessed.

There are very few books that have made me cry and this is one of them.

Skeletal truly redefines the term gripping story for me. The book comes with an extremely intense plot that pulls you right in and chains you to it until you complete the book. you can’t help yourself from turning the pages with the mystery haunting you. The book amazes me with the story line that has the capability to terrify, make one run with rage and adrenaline and even bringing tears to the eyes. Honestly because of being submerged deep inside the plot, I was not able to judge or see anything else. For me the book is phenomenal

How was it ?