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A bitter sweet read

Loving Lawson (Loving Lawson, #1) - R.J. Lewis
Its like a - moth to flame, burned by fire - situation for me with these kind of books. While on one hand i hate the basic nature, i still feel pulled towards them. In fact at this time when i am writing the review of the first book, i am already half way through the second book. I spend almost the entire book shouting "No, No...this is so wrong" yet as soon as the book ended, I had already purchased the second book and was reading it as if i was going to die without reading it.

Lets Talk about the book

Loving Lawson, to be fair comes with a strong warning that the scenes and the language are going to be offensive. And that was exactly my complaint regarding the book. The language is really in a crude state. so naturally i had a huge problem with it but i can't stress much on it since the author had already warned me before picking this book

Technically i have nothing to speak about the book per say sinceit is every other young adult/New adult/ contemporary romance. Same little story. Forbidden love. complications. fight. sex. love. lust and back to somewhat happy ending. so technically everything that you love in these kind of books are there. With exception to the language, there is nothing about the book in general that i have any qualms about. Although regarding the characters and the plot i have a lot of objections. especially regarding its moral grounds

The basic theme and story is actually cringe worthy but i will give credits to the author for not lingering over the emotions and feelings and having the plot move fast.

Honestly there were so many parts that wanted me to shut the book and throw it out but still found myself immersing into the book.

in one word this is a simpler version of Beautiful disaster without much complexities to the characters and their relationship

The book is nothing different from the usual new adult romance except for a slightly different story line. The language is a bit rough. I have strong repulsion against a lot of points regarding the book and the basic story in general but then it is not fair to judge an author's work based on my perception of the society and its values. So in regards to an engaging read, yes this book will suffice because there is a bit engaging factor to it unless you are not too bit of feminist or pedantic or moral police because then this book will make you pull your hair (trust me i know, having gone bald from one side as an aftereffect of pulling hair from reading and pondering on the righteousness factors)