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The Best in the series

Death on Canal Street: A Detective Byone Novel (Volume 4) - Ricardo M Fleshman

First of all a huge thanks to the author for lending me a copy of his book to read. I cant thank you enough for trusting my words through not one but for an entire series and this being the fourth book.

From the very first book that the author gave me, i had adored his work and the whole Detective Byone Series and when i thought that the character Byone may not have much to offer anymore with an epic ending in the last book, the author just brought this new book that has just blew my mind and even brought out a new face to the entire series.

The reason that i love the whole Detective Byone series is because of its unique story plot that combines a lethal combination of supernatural and a good old investigative trickery to its core story. Just like the last three book, the author's books does not toil with you much and comes straight to the point with a fast paced narration technique.

The one thing that makes the author stand apart is that his books are fast, quick and by doing so, does not loose its identity. The story moves quickly enough to not make you die of anticipation and keeps itself intact in the process. I feel that the fourth book has to be the best in the series for one the language has improved itself so much that it almost felt poetic and beautifully adorned. I loved the language of the book. Whatever technique he has chosen for his narration has worked marvelously and secondly, the story moves fast and luckily without much complications and not getting your head spinning, but yes if you haven't read the previous books, you might miss out on the background of the characters a bit but not essentially a road block for you to enjoy this book because i believe the story of this book is in itself complete enough to give you a standalone read.

The element of Voodoo and the cunning way of weaving it into his plot makes the series a very interesting read to follow.

The book has emerged as a true winner for this serious with its superior language. Along with a new refined narration technique and language, the author has also sharpened his entire series with a more evolved central character and even craftier story line than the previous three. If you loved the previous three, then this book will totally blow all your expectations. Even though it is a series component, i feel that it could also work fine as a standalone as each book in the series comes with its own story and ending though the central characters returns with their background stories but not enough to hamper your reading experience if you are new to the series.