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Sweetened Action Thriller

Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Men Don't - Pepper O'Neal

First of all a huge thanks to P.J. Nunn and the author for providing me with a copy of the book

Dead Men Don't is an action thriller that comes with everything that is indigenous to this genre. A plot that demands your curiosity, adrenaline and full attention. A central character that excels in evading danger with a swift flick of his hands. In shortthe book has everything that usually goes into an action thriller but then there is also the romance quotient that overshadows the entire book which makes the book more of a romantic thriller than an action/spy thriller.

The language and narration is flawless
in terms that it runs smooth and flows without any obstructions. The build of the story is so good that it absorbs the readers pretty quickly into the book. If i have to point out something that did not sit well with me then it has to be the romance portion which was muffling a good action plot but on the other hand it gives the story a strong foundation.

If you have been reading a whole lot of action thrillers and usually get caught up in the intricacies of the politics and the workings of the team , technicalities and modus operandi to actually enjoy the book, then this book solves that problem for you. The book has kept its plot quite simple without much complications and information allowing you to go with the flow. The book is for those who want a simple action/spy thriller

Though Sometimes i felt it was too sweetened or simplified to become an action thriller
but if you treat it as a romance novel, then you will love the developments and the twist and turn of the book. Even though the book was second one in a series and i had not read the first book, i never felt that i had missed much as whatever required to enjoy this book was sufficiently provided and whatever had been there in the first book was briefly brushed up so that you understand the basic scenarios.

Dead Men Don't is a simplified action thriller that does not go into much technicalities and keeps it straight and simple enough to make the readers get in and get out quickly. The language and the narration is really smooth and good. There is an easiness to the book that is rare for an action thriller.