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So Sweet of a Romance...that it is making me cry

Chemical Attraction - Christina   Thompson

A huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book

This book took me completely by surprise. I kind of expected it to be a good thriller but never in my right mind had thought that the book would sweep me off my feet with its romance and humor.

Yes it is a thriller basically. An investigative thriller to be precise but now that I have finished reading the book; nothing is staying in my mind as vividly as the romantic chapters of the book and the irony is that the romance is not even sugary and cheesy as a typical romantic novel. Its not even like they are professing their love in every sentence or throwing rose petals at each other.

The author has treated romance in a fashion that it is subtle and yet nothing else catches your attention as much as it does. There is simplicity to the whole treatment of the romance and the best part is its naughtiness and humor, making it cute and sweet yet not diabetic.

Now that I have gone overboard with proclaiming how awesome the romance part is, lets get to the main book.

The story is a bit complex which means you have to keep your senses sharp. If you are planning to say I knew the butler did it , then I am sorry, you are in for a mad race as there are so many layers and characters to the plot that you will keep on changing tracks with your assumptions

The book shines for me with its humour.The book made me blush and smile all along with its innocent and playful banters and humors. None of the comic elements felt forced and in fact it is incorporated seamlessly and making it a playful narration. So in that regards the author and her narration skill is simply awesome.

Though amidst all these, at the beginning there were so many characters thrown at me that I did had a bit of trouble collecting all of them and it takes a while to place who is who. There are like thousands of characters so keep your focus intact.

Language and narration just stole the limelight of the book. The core plot or mystery is a little too heavy and complex for easy understanding but that is why I am falling in love with the author’s treatment all the more as she has kept the thriller approachable and yet not the only criteria to pick up the book. SO basically it is a book for both romance lovers as well as those who are looking for thriller. If for nothing, the book has to be picked up for the funny and playful narration but do not take it to be a light read.