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A good Travel guide but may not be that good for a fiction

Deadline Yemen (the Elizabeth Darcy Series) - Peggy Hanson


First of all a huge thanks to P.J. Nunn and the author with her team for providing me with the copy of the book


Deadline Yemen to me personally, was a great source to learn about Yemen, its culture, the people and the lifestyle from a westerner’s point of view. It is quite evident that the author is partial towards the country. Her love for the culture and Yemen in whole is spread all through the book. Maybe that is where she loses her audience because somewhere between explaining and painting a picture of Yemen, she loses focus and main purpose of the book which is the story that she had planned to tell.


The book lags through a whole lot of details and missing out on the essential ones required to tell us what exactly is going on in the book. Sadly the book only comes to the main point in the last few chapters and that too gets treated pretty harshly and roughly, that we miss out on the action and the details


But if you treat the book as a travelogue or a traveler’s memoir then i think this book will be a great guide to know about Yemen and its people but as a thriller it is nowhere around attaining its goal and in fact it dulls the narration with incorporation of a whole lot of characters that keep popping without warning and blurs even faster than the blink of the eye


The first half is literally dragging with travel guide and technicalities losing out on the story at hand and the second half rushes too quickly through the actual story that one fails to notice when the story got pace and even ended but while this is the case i think the author does paint a vivid and detailed picture of Yemen but unfortunately that was not the purpose of the book . Also i felt the book was lengthy and lost in the maze of details