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The Dying Dance (A Detective Byone novel) - Ricardo Fleshman

understandably it is a fast paced world but even the wind is blurry and formless when it is in its optimum speed even though its power is felt all along. Pace can uproot the core sometimes. 

First of all a huge thanks to the author and his team for providing me with the copy of his work

The Dying Dance has a unique title and so does its plot. The basic plot is nice and impactful and fires curiosity of the readers but struggles with an extremely fast paced narration and a bit rough language. Personally I love a fast paced book but a lot of other people will not find it appealing though.

The formulation of the plot and the core plot is interesting and different but the pace is extremely fast. At first I was perfectly ok and in fact I loved how without twisting and spiraling much the story moves to the meat of the matter (an expression used in the book itself). So you don’t have to read pages and pages to realize what is going on but having said that, it also comes as a bump when you stop concentrating even for the tiniest moment and you end up completely falling off the wagon with not knowing what is going on. The ending was an absolute jet speed and frankly I am still worried about the epilogue as to what happened there. The language is a bit rough. I somehow have the feeling that the inclination of the native accent is overpowering in the language and maybe that is why it appears a bit unconventional but it is not to say that it is bad, just that you need to be able to mould yourself to it as the story progresses. 

I think sometimes the fast paced means a quick and easy read without much dragging and pulling but it also means that at certain levels it escalates through the main points. But I somehow feel that these are something that can be totally worked on as I see a whole potential in the author for weaving absolutely brain stirring plots just like this one. All it requires is a bit control over the pace and halting at points that are main and crucial for the story so that the readers can catch a breath and a little air to absorb everything. 

No doubt a brilliant brain at work here but unfortunately the book is really really fast and though it helps you through the read by being quick and reaching the facts quickly, it also sprints through the crucial parts making you lag behind to understand what exactly happened. The language is not generic and has strong cultural influence. So you need to give it a little time. But at the end I can’t help saying that the plot was really crafty