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i m sorry... But what just happened here? 

No matter what kind of hours or rarest of ingredients you use, the dish will remain inedible without a pinch of salt and the heart to prepare it. 

First of all a huge thanks to the author and his team for lending me a copy of the book to read

I have to say with a heavy heart that this book was a huge disappointment and i hate it when i have to break the bad news to somebody who have put in efforts and is made to undergo such crucial dissection but anyways i am going to come out and say that the book bled out painfully and this is how it went.

Usually i m the last person to notice grammatical/spelling mistakes, but this book kept haunting me with its editorial errors.There were too many I don't know whether this was the case with the copy that was given to me or even with the final print as well and if that is the case then i m afraid a lot of readers are going to tear it apart with their pedantic and editorial visions.one of the spellings that made me go into shock was "moslems" which should have been "muslims" and every time this word came up, i had a strong itch to pick up a red pen and circle the word and leaving a note saying "Are you serious?"
( now in case, if such spelling do exist in some parallel world, then i am apologizing in advance but as far as i know, this is not the spelling ) 

The book is more like a memoir and does not have an actual story/plot. Its more like random notes on what happened to the author while he was staying in Abu dhabi during the 9/11 time.The book keeps coming at you with his schedules and routine sans a basic plot.Ironically the only spark of life ever seen in this book was towards the very last page. The focus was more on who the author met, how he celebrated the weekends and what was the general atmosphere of Abu dhabi etc etc. Sadly the narration was pure mechanical lacking proper emotional requirements that goes into narrating a story to even enjoy the memoir.Also there was this annoyingly repetition of dialogues which i believe was done in the intention of evoking humor but unfortunately fell flat and did not successfully come through.

On the other hand, the book has a silver lining.There is an insight into what happened after 9/11 both in America and its aftereffect in Arab countries. in spite of the glitches, the book do stimulates some interesting ideologies and perception into the culture and religion of Islam and there is a bit of background information on Abu dhabi and its growth to its present day status

This book definitely did not show a purpose.It was more or less a memoir of a person who happened to stay in Abu dhabi during the time of the Twin tower attacks and in a time when the balance between the western and eastern countries were dangerously crumbling, while also accounting to the facts that were going around at the war front

This book is more of a memoir of a person who stayed in Abu dhabi in the 9/11 world. Sadly even if it is taken as a memoir it lakes a purpose or a basic structure/plot. There is so much grammatical/spelling errors that it kind of starts giving you a headache. (I now completely understand why my English teacher used to give me a stink eye every time she checked my papers back in school.) spelling/ grammatical errors are common and in fact this review itself will be a strong example of that but it is not something you would expect from a literature copy. The narration is very technical and lacks emotion. Its more like a general reporting of things But i will also say that the book has a good research on the Arab countries, their history and the 9/11 atmosphere.