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Welcome to the Maze and Good Luck finding your way out 

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Now before you send rabid dogs on me, let me be clear that I did love the book but the fact is that there are certain things in the book that is not impressive enough. Yes I do realize that Maze runner is a phenomenon and now that the movie is coming out it is surpassing its stature from just another popular book. Now while we are actually talking about the movie, let me tell you the reason why I want to watch The Maze Runner. ( Yes you guessed it right and NO! There are no reward points for guessing right answer) . It is because of Dylan O'Brien.

I thought probably it is a good idea to read the book before catching the movie and that’s how I landed with maze runner

The book is exactly like a maze. 

In the beginning I had no clue what is going on and what is happening and who is who. As a reader I was exactly like the character, who opens his eyes to find himself in a whole different world and with no memories. It took a while for me to understand the concept, characters and what exactly is happening. This comes partly because of the language which at times is joyous and captivating but other times just gets on your nerves with round and round circulation and not exactly coming to the point. So the language basically is , an in and out deal. The book gets spicier in the second half that is when things are really getting hot and buzz worthy.

I am dying to see the big screen rendition of the glade (which is the name of the world that the whole story is set in) and especially Dylan O'Brien as Thomas. What I like about the book is the fact that the first book in the series seals it pretty nicely yet leaving scope for anticipation towards its sequel. Though whether I would continue with the sequel is something that will have to wait and see.

The book does not smooth you into the story and requires you to sit through a while to understand and get with the flow. It is towards the middle when the book actually starts getting interesting and exhilarating. The pace suddenly is good and takes you through a whole lot of emotions. The language at times loses its charm with too much jargons and slipping from topic but nevertheless it can be a fun read