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Black Ice - Becca Fitzpatrick

It is a little different and thrilling even with a classic case of Stockholm syndrome

As I started this book, every instinct told me that this was another case of Stockholm syndrome and my instincts or you may call it the inner demons was yelling “Abort!!! Mayday!!! Abort!!!” But I m glad that I did not pay much attention to my stupid instincts/demons because for me the book turned be actually fun and a thrilling read.

Yes it started very much with your usual young adult elements; girls, boys, proms, crush, boyfriend troubles, girlfriend troubles, friends and all the other hooplas that comes within its territories but eventually it sailed to serious and stronger islands .pretty soon, the story was leaving the usual antics and spinning a much twisted and thrilling plot. I will just say that the female character kept boiling my blood every time she did or spoke something. I was that furious with the character. Since I believe in keeping my review strictly to the basic point of whether the book was good or not, I am going to refrain myself from going into the dangerous territories of blasting the character but let me just say for the sake of mental relief that the character Britt Pfeiffer is stupid. DO YOU HEAR ME BRITT….You are stupid…no scratch that. You are effing idiot… PHEW!! What a relief. Now since I have got that out of my chest, I have to also mention that Mason… you are freaking awesome..!!!

I want to say that the plot is different but I am not able to do so with full honestly so I will say just that it was refreshing. Was their interruption of overly sugary romance?... oh yeah definitely...bad enough to pull my hair out?....kind of yeah....so was it bad then?....oh no...NO.

The book is pretty interesting and to my amazement does not drag once the story starts rolling. Things start getting chillier and spicier, keeps a good pace and since Becca is already an established author you do not have to worry about the language or narration because she has aced it

I was so furious and mad at the female character that I was almost blind with rage half of the time I was reading the book because she was poster child for the kind of girls usually associated with stirring a situation bad enough for everybody around. But the fact is that somewhere she does do things that is brainy and impressive only to retreat back to imbecileness

Also do check out the official book trailer. It is pretty impressive.

I have not been a great fan of her hush hush series for I could not stay away from comparing it to twilight. The similarities were too big to ignore but with Black Ice I think she has won my heart over. Its sweet, simple yet thrilling and fast paced with a little meatier plot.