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Amazingly creepy

The Girl Who Collected Butterflies: A Supernatural Ghost Thriller (Haunted Minds) (Volume 3) - John Hennessy

First of all a huge thanks ….no scratch that ……a truck load of hugs and love to John for not only trusting my words but sending me the copies as soon as they are ready because he knows that I am that madly and badly waiting for his works. So in spite of being repetitive I am going to say it.




I can honestly say that perhaps John Hennessy is the only author, whose works evolve and develop so much that his growth as a writer is almost tangible and it is always interesting to see what new he brings to the table every time he writes a book.


There has been no one who has been able to write horror so good enough to scare the good life out of me as much as John has done in my whole reading experience. ( also making me wonder as to how his brain works… no wonder aliens are rotating our earth, probably trying to have a peak at John’s brain… :P)



If Uncle John ever says that he is going to tell you a bedtime story run as far as you can or hide in the nearest corner because you probably will never come out of the closet after reading his books and listening to his stories and that probably makes him the best in his genre


This book is parked on a whole different level than the previous one in the series. In the previous books, the story kept dwindling whenever John tried in bring in the flashback but come to this book and it is as smooth as butter in narration and he manages the travel between past and present quite effortlessly and seamlessly


Characters as usual remains the brightest in the book, even in passing each character jostles you and impresses you with their part. Language is sharp and crisp just like the previous books and it seems that finally John has brought me to a point where I am trying hard to find a fault. It could be the story too that must have made me so blind to everything else


JOHN !! My BOY !! you did it !! :P


Do you like horror? Do you like reading stories that could make you shiver and yell “mommy”? Do you like to have nightmares as a consequence of reading a horror novel? Then look no further , pick this book and start reading it with all the windows and doors shut tightly and the lights at full brightness (even in broad daylight)



It got messed up somewhere

— feeling bad egg
There Will Be Lies - Nick Lake


The book was my first brush with the concept of coyote and native American folklores, if we can call the book that.


To begin with yes the book had a killer opening in fact so much that I almost jumped out of my seat in excitement picturing a very high paced adrenaline run. I mean with an opener


“In four hours, I will be struck by a car”


who would not be excited for the book so yes I was really prepped up to enjoy the book and so starts the initial chapters which even though a little slow in excitement is good enough to keep you excited and then you continue with the book and very soon you are drowsy and tired and feels like you have been locked up in the back seat of a car with the same visuals repeating over and over again outside the car. So basically there is nothing to do inside in the car or lookout outside the car. It is a one long monotonous journey


I think the story had a huge potential. The problem is that there is so much twists and turns that keep coiling and coiling that at the end you are dizzy not knowing when you are going to fall flat on the floor. Add to this already chaotic flow of the basic plot, a narration that is not clear whether it is referring to the present scenario or something in the past or an inner rambling of the character.


The basic trouble with the book is the pace and the narration. Pace is extremely stale and stagnant. Even in incidents that could actually spark the book, it fizzles out with a less enthusiastic narration. Even if I overlook that little pace deadness, there is this major fault that I see in the narration. The central character talks a lot. I mean a lot in her head and every bit of that conversation is on those papers so you don’t know whether what being said is actually happening or being imagined by the character


I think the author brought in a side track paranormal world including coyote and Native American Folklores which only acts as only another catalyst towards making everything blurry and mushy. The book needed a little vividness and lucid treatment as right now the two parallel world stand to clash with each other and fail to resonate an impact so in my opinion that is two good plot gone amiss


The book has hardly got any pace. The only pace is in its synopsis that promises a good plot and frankly yes the plot is good but somewhere adhering to a lot of internal plot developments has only led to create more chaos and struggling to come out in full force. There are lot of things happening in the book and so much that everything just creates one giant ball of confusion


Collection of words and sentences

Bachelor's Marriage - Akshat Pradeep Solanki

We are going to be here for a while… so get ready for a really long review


Huge thanks to the author for contacting me and giving me an opportunity to read his work and secondly please accept my apologies for what I have to say about the book is going to be extremely rude and brazen. I know it can be harsh but I believe it is better to be honest than sugar coating if you wanted an honest opinion in the first place.


I think after today, the author would be joining the list of people that wants to kill me (trust me you might want to get yourself a large tub of popcorn because the list is quite long and the wait would be even more longer)


I don’t understand…. is it a mandatory part of the curriculum of every engineering and management student in this country to write a novel and that too on the same grated out topic of campus love without the basic sense of romance? If it is so important to write a romance novel for these students then why not add Nicholas Sparks books to the curriculum so as to at least learn the basic threads that weave a romance novel


This book stands for everything that I despise in Indian fiction,

the reason why I dread to pick a book by an Indian author below 30 years. I remember being really raged after reading one such book and till date I regret for my brash and rude review I had written at that time but I still stand by what I said in that review and in fact the exact same thing could go for this book as well


I am irate as to how this book is an epitome for naivety. At the end of the day this is a fiction and as per my understanding a work of fiction should the very least have a story to it . Where was the story? The whole story started and ended in one page which is to say at the back cover of the book and rest was nothing but just a test of patience for its readers.


Lets pick up this book piece by piece




Could you please point that to me in the book?


A guy in love with two girls- fair enough though lacking in originality that was a theme that could weave a story but you enter the book go through the strenuous and blanched 288 pages of pointless narration and still no  sign of the relationship or so called torrid affair. If  a bunch of conversation over telephone or over cup of telephone and accidental meetings along with your whole gang of friends in passing is your idea of romance then I am afraid I may have to suggest you to do better research.


You had a story at hand and rather than focusing on developing it, it’s a pity that the entire book focuses on the character’s well to do background exhibited through constant mention of the grandeur of his house, the latest gadgets and cars he uses and the number of friends he has, the great marketing tricks he owns and the skills of bargaining he has.


Why is it important for the readers to know which TV Drama you were watching and what you ate before going to sleep or what movie was running at that time when there was an entire story plot left to be noticed. How naïve you have to be to believe one telephonic conversation or a stroll in the park is all that is required for two souls to be in eternally love.


In the acknowledgment the author have stated that his vision was to create a story based on Indian marriage but can you please tell me how you achieved that? It could have if you have focused on narrating and developing the relationship between the characters. More focused on the turmoil of a character forced between the societal and parental decisions and longing of his heart but as of now the book is all about the vacations, the parties or movie hangouts our central character had.


For a romance, there was hardly any opportunity when these so called “lovers” even had a moment together and bother to pour their hearts out and then the central character proclaim he is in love after mere occasional brushing past each other. 


Either you are really mocking the whole idea of “love” and relationship or showing your dearth of experience towards the same or really exhibiting the egoistical typical male mentality of Indian men who think girls are malleable and vulnerable enough to fall for you after you pay for their cup of coffee or help them in a tricky situation. There are various points in the book that actually got me fuming as to how low the central character or in turn the author thought of women in general (you were straight cut cheating on both women when all it could take was one conversation to relay your true feelings and then you thought the girls were being difficult and jealous for no reason… !! )




Telling us what you did throughout the day, what you wore, what you ate, where you went, where you slept and then a detailed telephonic conversation script is not what you call narration or even story telling. It is called diary writing and even for that this was way too vapid. Why do I care how much profit you made in a day in your shop or how much you sold a product for or where you got your infrastructure from when the book was supposed to be on Indian marriage and not your daily activity.. The book was more of reporting one’s daily activities




for god sake’s Hinglish is not a language. While writing an English fiction, using Hindi should be forbidden unless it is being used to depict a proper noun or it is really crucial to the plot but in this book I never saw the relevance of those Hindi lines used.


Now to the main problem…


The language of the book is terrifying. How? The author has simply translated the hindi sentences to English and calls it story telling. Even that would have worked if the hindi sentences in itself was effective.


There is a huge difference between conversational language and written language. You cannot simply use the day to day vocal conversations to narrate a story as it is a different set of language and skills that come into play when narrating a story.


And in the end adding the “f” word, dude or screwed doesn’t make it any attractive or better


I think I have said quite a lot and pretty rudely too but I was that fumed reading the book

Mourning the death of all those trees who gave their lives for an unappreciative cause,  I would like to say that:


I know in my sarcasm I am ripping apart somebody’s hard work and I am really sorry that I have to be so rude about the book but the truth is that all the efforts have been completely wasted as the end result was such a disappointment. But somewhere I believe the author alone could not be blamed but the editors should be too .as they should have noticed the fact that the book lacked the very basic thing- the story, the plot. So called romance book that had nothing to do with romance, the core plot and ended up rubbing it on our face as to how rich our central character was along with being pompous and obsessed with his clothes, face and hair. Language is so robotic and like being sieved through a Hindi- English translator.


Trust John to make romance so horrifying

Clara's Song (Haunted Minds) (Volume 2) - John Hennessy

Huge thanks to the author, John Hennessy for providing me with a copy of the book and a continent sized no scratch that a globe sized thank you for that little dedication page that proves how awesome you are John (oh yeah, I am on a first name basis with the author ;))


You should know about me that I am a huge fan of John Hennessy both in size and metaphorically speaking. So when it comes to reviewing his books, I am already drafting it in partiality so let that be a disclaimer from my side but in spite of all that, somehow this is not the best John Hennessy book for me.


John has a very unique way with horror and no matter what he writes that flavor of horror remains so stark and bold. I wonder what his diary entries or grocery list would read like even scarier would be to see how he would write a romantic letter because Clara’s song is technically a romance but with so much spook factor I forgot about the romance part right after the first chapter.


To be fair, John had warned me that this book was completely different to his usual way of storytelling and writing and yes Clara’s song is entirely different from anything I have read from John’s work or any author’s work for that matter


John is going to hate me after this review so preparing myself for the wrath let me begin with the review of the book


To begin with you got to love the theme of the book. To me it had a brilliant core, revolving around the extra fight that is required to keep a marriage together and very many points he says in passing actually makes sense and hits the right chords but then that is also the problem sometimes. John tends to rotate around that one thought of “ dead- end marriage” a lot. This very thought keeps repeating throughout the book. The book starts up slow and completely messes up your mind. By the middle you are being tossed ruthlessly that you do not get out without bruises which is exactly my problem because I am failing to understand whether it was a good thing or bad thing for the book

Maybe its me. Maybe it’s the book that is making me confused about the book. I don’t know what to say about this book exactly


One thing is for sure ,

for a book with the name haunted minds, it definitely justifies.


You never know what is happening is real or just hallucination. The book is a psychological warfare. It is crazy in there. Once you get inside the book, it is like doing a tour of a psychiatric ward not knowing what is sane or what is insane


This book is not for everybody as it is a bit harsh, melancholic and truly haunted. So in that case, the author had to be applauded for toying with you.


There is a dragging pace to the book in the middle and you certainly have no clue as to what is happening. All these characters simply torture your souls. The story takes its sweet time to register but as true to his style John Hennessy does a completely 360 towards the end


I may not have been very clear as to how exactly the book went for me and that’s because I am clueless myself but I cannot deny the uniqueness of the book

This book will be perfect for those who love to read about twisted souls because the book is filled with that. (I am sorry John but I have to say this) the narration was kind of haywire but to be honest I don’t know whether it was the requirement of the script and situation as sometimes things made sense while sometimes it didn’t. It was a tough read for me but maybe I wasn’t the right kind of the audience.


Tucking one comfortably to sleep

Alex and the Wolpertinger- Uncle Balloon - Koos Verkaik

Huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book


There may be no fairies per say in the book but the book was nothing less to all those fairy tale books I have read as a young kid.


The author has used subtle and gentle narration so as to make the readers comfortable, warm and cozy and I had an amazing time with the whole series. The last book has neatly combined all that was started over the course of two books. Very many new characters were added along and older ones returned to double the fun in the book


I think the book is colorful due to its wide range of interesting characters and it is these very characters that actually help the book become so lively and cheerful and as mentioned in the review of the previous book, you fall for every character in the book- good bad or ugly.


There is a sweetness and warmth in narration. Language is perfect enabling a smoother read and irrespective of age the book tends to provide fun for everybody who reads it


I am short for words as to how well suited this book is for every age group. With its vivid characters, a good and moral story invoking the goodness of the world, the book does indeed charm itself into every heart.  A quick short read with the quality of all those children’s book that once lulled us to sleep.



Lull me to sleep

Alex and the Wolpertinger: The Downhills - Koos Verkaik

Huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book


As I mentioned in the first book, I couldn’t wait to re enter the world of Alex and the Wolpertinger and though my review comes really late the truth is that I had completed the entire series over stretch of two days. The book is short and like any other children’s book is absolutely sweet and merry


The author truly lulled me to sleep with his cozy narration and storytelling. The book is amazing and is very impressive for the fact that the book plot is developed enough to rival a good adult book with its own version of developments, twists and turns but at the same time it is not that complex that a kid cannot read and enjoy it


I found the book to be smoother and almost satiny in its flow. Its quick, lots of impressive characters and mixed with both humor and ample lessons for the young minds


A children’s book that every adult would love to read is what my impression of the book is. The book has a great range of characters to love and even the antagonists of the book are those that you will love to fall in love with. I had an amazing time reading the book and thought it was fabulous.


 A fun read all along



The family is growing

— feeling angel
Cress - Marissa Meyer

Its amazing as to watch how many new family members keeps joining the plot and manages to turn your world upside down while you are staying in this series.  What started out as a story of cinder, cyborg girl has gone on to different plains and now it’s a story of a whole wide range of characters. The best part for me is that I am in love with all these characters even those who manages to come and go in a flash.


I am so happy that I joined in the series so late because I am getting restless to re enter into the lunar world and the release date of the fourth book, Winter seems too far way in spite of being just months away


Cress is by far the most voluminous book in the series and justified too as there are so many characters to appreciate and live with. It’s the simplicity of the book that captures and intrigues me. Imagine by the length of three books there are lots of characters but still I am pretty clear as to where each one stands as each characters in the book have their own purpose, their own space and individual story to tell and does not overpower each other. I love the ability of the author to maintain such efficiency in her plot development.


I am actually waiting to see how with the fourth book, she will have to bring in new characters at the same time maintain all the goodness she has brought on along the course of these three books. So far this is the only series that I have seen doing a pretty good job at retelling. While it retains the basic elements of the fairy tales, the core book is much more than that


As I have told before, it’s the theme and plot that impresses me. It’s the way in which she picks up a fairy tale and morphs and threads it so beautifully that it can easily merge itself into the series without feeling deliberately inserted.


I am running short of words in praise of this series. Undoubtedly it is my favourite series of all time. The book is a different world in altogether and much more than a modern rendition of a classic fairytales. It’s evolved and grown so beautifully through three books that it had become completely unstoppable. Each book takes the plot far from the first one which makes the series the best. The language and the narration have a pearly touch, smooth and alluring. Can’t wait for this winter, when winter, the fourth book in the series will be released finally


Its cute …but maybe a little too cute

— feeling beaten
The Selection - Kiera Cass

First of all I am going to apologize to all the fans of the series for what I am about to say in my review. I know you must have loved it but forgive me for I am not that impressed with the book.


I know the series has gone on to become famous and have lots of fan following but somehow I am failing to see the reason behind all the hype about this book. I guess Selection is what you get if you pageant-ize hunger games.


Katniss Everdeen + beauty pageant = Selection (my math teacher would be so proud today)


While hunger games was a little more rough, exhilarating and filled with adrenaline rush, selection is powdered with rouge and wrapped in delicate gowns, shimmering so much that you need protective glasses to prevent from going blind but then all this is not to say that the book was bad.


Selection, for me was a wrap up of everything I have read so far in young adult sans any paranormal elements.


How? Well let me try without giving away any spoilers


Heroin: I am a very Hard working girl,  I am also very benevolent, fighter for the rights of the suppressed,  I don’t go for make up, I will not drool over a boy that millions swoon over, I am good to the poor, I am very grounded yet will insult and be rude to “that guy” ..just because I can, I am the prettiest of all but I will not admit that, clear concise (well according to her but not necessarily to the readers ) and I can go on and on…. So you basically get the point.  It is your usual goody two shoes, Barbie reincarnation.


Hero: gentle, well mannered, kind, attractive enough to make women faint at his mere site,  even in the middle of the night will woke up looking like a model. Will fall for the only girl who does not drool for him and insults him. Will agree to do anything for the honor of the girl, absolutely adores kids and his mother, will standby to catch in case the girl trips or faints (after all when will those muscles come to use)


Now add in another angle: A triangle. The other guy whose main purpose is to fight for the girl till he dies or the author decides… “That’s it !!!… Off with his head”


So you see my problem here. Selection is a combination of everything read and heard so far. You might argue that the plot line is different..but then is it ? is it that different?

I am not boasting when I say that right from the beginning I knew what was going to happen in fact not having read the second book yet, I still can predict what is going to happen. I fell that even the word predictable is shouting predictable at this book. But apart from that Selection is a smooth ride and pretty quick read too. It is simple and fast and has good narration.


Though selection is not a bad book, the problem I had with it was only that it was too cliché, predictable from the very first page. Everything seemed to be your typical plotline and character. Though in theory everything is proportional and good, the books does not bring something new to the genre but apart from that if you are a lover of the dystopian, young adult genre then this is a good book with fluid narration and fast pace. I think the word simple defines it much more. No complications in the characters or the plot. Just a smooth read like a good bedtime story

Can somebody please make a movie out of this?

— feeling amazing
Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

First of all a huge thanks to all those who had vouched for the series and had told me to get on the sequel as fast as I can. I owe all you guys for the fun time I had reading this book. Practically everybody who had seen my review of cinder had told me that the sequels are even better and true to all your words Scarlet was just fantabulous


Somebody please give me a million dollars so that I could make a movie out of this series or at least hire a good director to do so because the book is that good and in each page I could see a movie script as it was that vivid and clear.


After having read both the books,  I realized that the author prefers to keep the romance subtle, unlike the in your face romance that is so popular these days. Fortunately the characters and plot have better things to do than sit in a corner and whine about heartache and emotional struggles and I love author for that


The book has romance for romantic hearts yet not enough to make haters of romance go berserk. There is no candy overloads and the whole book focuses on events rather than long talks and emotional evaluation.


Sorry, cinder I think I like scarlet more now.


The book in spite of being a sequel focuses on an entirely new character and plot but still holds on to the previous book strongly. I love how this book summarizes everything that had happened in the previous book so that even if somebody picks this book first, they won’t lose out on much (though I won’t advice reading this without going through first book)


The characters are sharp, full of essentials to draw you to them. The language is very fluid and the narration technique is very absorptive.


More than anything what I like is the theme and concept development. I think the author is genius. While most focus on narrating a story she has focused on building a base and had practically taken care of every detail. First, the fairy tale retelling, this in itself is brilliant, and then using these to thread together and entire series which to me is nothing less to genius. Each and every part fits perfectly and moves like a well oiled machine. I am in love with the series and I think I will someday write a poem for the author. (all I need is to learn how to write a poetry)


If you have seen the hype around the lunar chronicles then let me assure you that the series do perfectly live up to it. If the first book is good, the second is double in goodness. Everything just keeps you addicted to the series. The characters, the basic theme, and the way a classic fairytale is reconstructed to tell a dystopian tale and that too while maintaining a link to the previous book is very Einstein-y.


Strike through actually worked for me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi

I know I am too late to join the series now that it is already three books old coupled with a whole lot of novella and even a  TV series in talks for the series. BUT never late than Never ..right !!


I don’t know whether it was intentional on the author’s part or just me that kept drifting towards the antagonist of the book.  Right from the introduction of the antagonist, Warner, I have been curious and more interested in him than our central character Juliette or our “good boy” Adam and this was pretty rare for me or Maybe the toll of reading book after book of “perfect boyfriend” must have caught up to me and my alliances have finally started going towards the dark side


Shatter Me did shatter my hopes at first when the strike through text was constantly posing as a threat to my whole reading experience. I was caught up between avoiding all the strikethroughs  and at the same time wanting to read it too. One needs patience and a little time to actually get used to this whole new narration technique. There is also one another thing that I noticed in the narration which is the poetic notions. There was too much adornment to the language. Way too much accessorizing which I thought was diminishing the importance of scenarios and narration.


It really did bother me through first two chapters when sun kept jumping into the ocean or chocolate valley got surrounded by white clouds and grey got smeared with red and… ..Zzzzz…………. (oops sorry I think dozed off  a little there)


The similes, metaphors and other adornments used by the author is a little unusual. The author’s treatment style is entirely different when it comes to describing emotions and surroundings. So yes it takes a while to get used to it but it does not mean that they are bad or not working but that needs a bit of time


The plot to be honest did not give anything new for me but at the same time served to be a good and fun read. To me the star and point of continuing the series is WARNER, the antagonist. I don’t know why but that particular character has a space and sketch in the book that draws attention than anybody else.


I am not in doubt that the author could be a great poetess and that particular curve of mind is visible in her story telling too. The series would have to be an average for me. Not bad yet not too good. Things moves pretty fast and quick and does not have too much complexity to it which to me is a good thing and absorption level of the book is pretty good too


Shatter Me requires you to have a little patience for the Strike through texts and the whole narration which has a little out of box descriptions and language adornments but otherwise it is a good book. The plot even though is a culmination of various good elements seen over various paranormal romances, still holds strong on its own. For me the character of Warner is what keeps this books running.



Right back to granny’s lap

Alex and the Wolpertinger- The Monster Inn - Koos Verkaik

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book


I can’t remember the last time I read a children’s book but reading this book has definitely taken me back in time and reminding me of all those bedtime story telling sessions.


The book did not make me feel odd at all that I was reading a children’s book as I kept smiling and enjoying all through the whole book….. hmmm !! maybe that is a little odd

It was velvety from the start of the book and had a warm tone to its whole narration. I loved the character of Alex and chum, the tom cat


I am amazed as to how it fits perfectly for an adult read as well as for a kid as the narration is very neutral in terms that it does not go simple or childish for an adult reader to enjoy neither is it too hard or complex for a child to understand and it is a find blend for both age groups


I am just happy that I have two more books with me to follow Alex into his world and see his new adventures (which suddenly is making me question and dread my brain capacity)


A superbly and elegantly put together book that works charmingly for both kids and adults and that is a rare thing to happen. The narration and the story is sweet and warm enough to put you to a dreamy sleep and packing  into a dreamland or take you back to the days when you would listen to fairy tales and stories about castles and kings



Cindrella never looked this better with nuts & bolts

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

Was I sleeping? How could I miss this series?


If nothing, one has to really applaud the brilliance of the whole concept and theme of the story. Cinder is retelling the story of cindrella and I am in awe of how despite picking up a dystopian world and a cyborg for the central character, the author has managed to make it a perfect modern day Cindrella fairy tale. It seems the author has taken every tiny part into consideration as nothing felt out of place and still in spite of knowing how the story will wrap up, you still was curious and intrigued by the turn of events


I think no one has ever done justice to fairy tale retelling as much as the author has done. It is like she has thought of everything. The step mom, late father figure, the royal ball, the chores, the slipping of the foot…. WOW !! Simply WOW


The story developed is perfectly justifying the dystopian theme, concept of cyborg, along with the classic fairy tale of CIndrella. Cyborg and cindrella were not the two worlds that I ever hoped to see together but apparently it can be done and that too beautifully


The nuisances and the details to the basic plot is what make this book, a perfect rendition. The story has lot more going to it than basic Cinderella story. There are lot of layers to the story and yet is narrated with a perfection and simplicity that draws you into the book.


The first two pages did kind of make my head go into spiral with all the mechanical words and description of our cyborg girl but then the tongue loosens up and you are able to relish this book with ease.


If you are looking for something different then pick this book just to see how the author has brilliantly adapted the classic Cinderella story into such a believable and absorbing dystopian novel. Characters, the basic plot and the narration are absolutely impressive and the book to me was a pleasant surprise and a fun joyous ride



And that’s a wrap people

Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick

Yes the fan following of this series is in itself a proof as to how popular and groundbreaking it was. But pardon me if I do not share your enthusiasm towards the series. If you ask me why I did not like the series then I would say that I did like the series but not so much that I will be singing verses for the author or the characters or the series for that matter, from the rooftop. My experience  with the whole series has been that of a bitter-sweet .I did like some parts but hated others. So in general I did not hate the series nor do I love it. It was ok and fairs enough for me.


Finale does deliver on the promises it had build up by the end of the third book, silence and with new turns of events and introduction of characters coupled with few groundbreaking revelations, finale was a nice touch and a good end for the entire series but it may have been too good too because I felt that the end was a little too sweet and rushed. Everything seemed to be conveniently falling into places and trying to tie all the loose knots into available spaces. The language and narration as like the previous books maintained its firmness and fluidity making it a smoother ride.


Just as with the first two books in the series NORA GREY did manage to irk me in finale but then that is perceptive so no point debating on that.


As I mentioned in my reviews of the respective books, I found Hush hush and Crescendo to be a mere shadow of the twilight saga and because of which I could not actually fall for the series as others did. Yes maybe the time it did release the whole angel concept was alien and new because of which it did accumulate lots of interests but by the time, I turned towards the series I had already read about a whole lot of books on angel concept itself so for me the series had nothing new to offer and that is exactly my reason for not being a fan of the series.


Silence seemed to be the best in the whole series where there were a whole lot of plot changes and developments. Finale just followed on that and conveniently wrapped up everything into one giant knot.


The series is recommended to anybody who loves paranormal romance or angels as it is not a bad read but for those who are looking for something different or new, then this is not for you


Finale, the last in the Hush Hush series follows up through the last book, Silence and personally to me did not elevate the story much but yes there were some revelations in the plot but all those were done so as to make all the loose pieces fit into the entire puzzle. Everything automatically kept aligning and sometimes too conveniently to digest. The language, narration and story in general are smooth and bring you an easy breezy read.



Its Electric

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

I could not think of a better word than electric for this book as it touches you strong and sends jolts of high currents as you keep reading and immersing yourself into the book


To take the book at its face value, then it is your typical Stockholm syndrome in play but this is perhaps one of those books where story or plot does not matter as the entire book is strong with all the emotions and characters that you barely get the time to look the story as the bigger picture.


The good Girl is all about strong emotional narration of the characters involved. The book deals A-Z  of all the struggles, personal turmoil and conflicts of the characters. Its very intense and cuts you deep because the currents and emotions are running that strong.


There is a story strong enough to hold you but more that that it’s the characters that hold you to the book. It is not going to be an easy read if you are emotional kind of reader and have tendency of shedding tears or sending your heart on a monster ride at drop of a hat because trust me the book will tear you apart with its roller coaster ride.


The book moves tremendously smooth and fast in its track and in spite of dealing with the bold and raw emotions of the characters there Is still pieces of mystery and suspense that keeps fitting itself into the general puzzle and the narration technique is used in a way that the major revelations hit you at the beginning itself and then slowly unravels the rest of the pieces and it is done so effectively that you won’t find the interest dropping till the very end.


If the book does not appeal to anybody then it has to be because of the high level of EQ (Emotional Quotient) of the book and maybe lack of too many spiced up events but that is where I loved the book for keeping it plain and natural and not glamorizing anything be it the romance or the whole investigation. I thought the realistic treatment of the events in the book and the kind of emotional responses the characters gives, makes it easy to absorb and feel natural


The book is not for those who can’t bear emotional roller coasters of the characters or who cannot sit through high voltage EQ. I found the book to be extremely jolting and welded with powerful storytelling and characters. The whole book is psychological outlook and treatment of how a single event changed the lives of all those who was involved.  The book is character based. Yes the core plot is of suspense and mystery but more than that the book deals with the characters and their emotional strengths and weakness. Its really powerful


This is fantastic

— feeling angel
Hold Me Closer, Necromancer - Lish McBride

I had so much fun reading this book. It is definitely one of favorite books now after having such an amazing time reading this. In fact this book was so good for me that merely into ten pages and I had already placed the order for the second book. Imagine!! in just 10 pages I was floored by the book

This is my first experience with the topic of necromancy and what an experience. I love how the book is not all about educating and spreading more light on the concept of necromancy but rather it’s a light hearted story of a teen boy who gets hit by dangerous circumstances and is fighting with all he has got.

The beauty of the book is its simplicity and maybe if somebody does not like this book then perhaps their reason would be the same that it was too simple for them but personally I loved the book for this same reason
From the start to end, the book never complicates or loosens its grip on you. The character unlike other books only gets better and bolder as you progress. You start falling in love with the central character for his wit, humor, sarcasms and goofiness.

With very gentle treatment the author has told an exciting story and I wish badly that this could be made into a movie as on big screen this book could be an amazing adventure.

A fantastic book from start to end. The book is absolutely a fun ride with lovable characters .Humor is seamless and tickles the funny bones quite warmly. The entire book for me is simplicity personified. It is elegant, smooth and has got friendly characters and a story that is told with the warmth of a bedtime story. This is one of the books that you can pick up if you are feeling down and want some light and funny read to cheer you up. I am in love with this book and I am sure I will love to read this book again and again at any given time because I loved the central character that much. Funny, cute and adorable.




i had to skim read it 

— feeling beaten
The Girl Who Wouldn't Die - Marnie Riches

i dont know why, but i feel like i should put a disclaimer before my review that ..." this could all be me" . Maybe its all the praises that this book is getting and finding myself to be the odd one out... so yeah, this book could be different for you and maybe its just me who couldn't appreciate it as much...


I found the book to be so long and sleep inducing that i ended up skim reading it and i am mentioning this in the starting itself to be fair to those who have actually sit through those long pages and have paid attention to each and every word of the book.


The book may have a strong plot with lots of intricacies but that does not mean you can use a lack luster language to narrate it.i will any day admit that the book carried an amazing and impactful plot but a bland narration killed it for me. Everything seemed too technical and straight forward and lacking that oomph factor or intrigue that could keep you on edge and glued to the book and the major reason for this is the language


There is no depth and beauty in the language and unfortunately lots of colloquialism contaminate the language and hence the resulting narration too. The author gets caught up in adjectives and describing the beauty of the surroundings so much that by the time it comes to the main point, i am already deep in slumber.


The language is rough and bitter and does not have a smoothness to it that should have helped you understand what is going on because trust me, with so many layers and nuisances to the story, it is really hard to keep track when you don't understand what exactly is happening. While typical British/English phrases be a common occurrence for that demographic readers, for the general masses it becomes a bit too hard to absorb.


Even amidst all the disappointment, i am deeply impressed with the core plot and the characters. Each character is made so strong and sharp that you get caught up in their world. I did enjoy the plot twists and turns (whichever i could grab during my skim read) but all in all the book was not a fun read for me because of the irregularity in the narration and a weak language. To me the book had no intrigue factor in the narration that could keep you interested in the book and requires a strong perseverance which sadly i lacked when i picked up the book. Either that or i was really impatient towards the slow and gradual progress of the book