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Game - Barry Lyga

Are you parents to annoying teens? Are your kids literally terror walking on legs and still calls you the monster or “worst parents ever”? Fear not for I have got you the perfect solution. Give your kids this book to read and never again will they call you a monster or take a trip to the next room without wanting you to tag along. This book is that creepily good. Trust me! Because after reading this book, I am only a mile short from creating a temple for my dad. Hannibal Lector for father!!! No thanks I will go with the one I have right now.

Game is just that. A game. Except that it’s a game of murder, brutality and human lives. The plot is so sharp and wickedly haunting that anybody who like horror, blood, death and a little bit of gory details, will cherish this book. Even if you are a bit sensitive to such stuff, you can’t deny the uniqueness and braininess exhibited in the plot and its development. Its spooky for sure but at the same time thrilling and has a considerable pace to it.

Also the book can be handy since it has got quite interesting trivia
For example did you know that your eyes are barely connected or secured by couple of tendons and its pretty much easy to enucleate (means removing eyes) ..? Yeah well! I did not know that till I read this book and now I m walking around as if my eyes are about to roll out of my face. Thanks Barry Lyga (or not)

On serious note I think that the book is pretty good. Yes it has pretty restricted contents but then the basic theme in itself is of such manner. The nuisances and the various plot twists and developments is what keeps this interesting. Language is nice and smooth and so is the narration technique. Pace is moderate and sometimes gets tackled by the whining and the internal conflicts of the central characters but other than that this is a pretty good series to follow. NOT FOR THE WEAK HEARTS.. Also the book ends with a cliffhanger

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