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It’s like a zombie with no soul and Life

Mortal Danger - Ann Aguirre

I felt like I was cheated with this book. Opening is completely different to what the actual book is.

This book is a triple threat. Threat of having no plot. Threat of being a disaster in narration and language and Threat in being a book without strong characters.

I could have coped with this book, had it come from some new writer but to think that this book has been a work of an established and popular author is actually baffling. I have not read the author’s previous works but have heard that her Razorland series is pretty good but Mortal Danger is sadly a disaster in epic proportions

The book opens to an impressive chapter. No doubt there. The first two chapters are quite captive and by the third chapter the doom is quite evident. It’s like the first two chapters and rest of the book are written by two different authors. By third chapter the plot is predictable and reaches to the verge of being vapid and pointless.The life is already lost. The plot is fatally weak. No heart, soul and effort have been put into developing the plot. Narration is passionless and it moves like rushing towards one goal. To finish the book as soon as possible. What is even more disturbing is the usage of trivia, jargons and whole lot of other mythological stuff without any warning or proper explanations. For example in one of the chapters the author uses the phrase “pillar of salt” and I had to spent almost an hour on Google to find out what she was talking about and turns out she was referring to the biblical story of Lot’s wife who gets turned into a pillar of salt for looking back in spite of being warned to not do that.

I hate when authors assume the brain capacity of their readers. Not every one of us has Einstein brains. So while using mythological stuff or some trivia, it would be helpful if you could squeeze in a plain language description as to what you are talking about.

The characters of this book are so feeble that you can’t sympathize or understand any of them and this is because of no apparent effort in developing these characters. I can’t believe the pace of “insta-love” in this book. Its even faster than other “insta-love” books out there.

The book to me seemed to be an amateur work, rushing out on everything from characters, plot, to its narration. The funniest thing is that after finishing this book, I felt like I have just read some research work from an author who is planning to write a paranormal romance. The entire book was like collection of best bits and parts from various popular YA books out there and has yet to be sorted and synchronized.

The book is so weak without a strong plot, narration and characters that it is almost painful to read. Things are rushing without any actual purpose. There is no explanation or formation of the world that is the basis of the book and characters are so vague that everything they are doing and saying seems totally out of place. The major and core problem of the book is the half baked effort in writing this book. Even the worst of plot could be made into a fabulous book with right amount of passion and work and this had an actual potential but probably got evaporated in all the deadlines and publishing commitments

How was it?