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I don’t know how to define this book

One Kick - Chelsea Cain

Is it me or was this book really a story about avenging a dog’s death/murder? As much as it sounds crazy, the underlying theme of the entire book seemed to be this. At least I felt it was.

The book is a mixed bag for me or maybe a little heavier on the negative side and maybe that’s why I would rather divide my review into a pro and con column to get a better understanding of the entire book.


What is good with the book is an interesting and twisted plot (let’s forget the whole dog death avenging for a bit). The way it develops from one block to another is kind of gripping and intriguing. The character Bishop is one of my favorite and strongest (both physically and character wise). He is quirky, witty and keeps a strong head through the story.


What worsens the book is the narration technique. Although on broader front the pace is good, in between the author kind of halts the entire narration to give a vivid, high definition description of things in complete slow motion, which is kind of irrelevant to what is actually going on in the story. Sounds confusing? Let’s take the instance from chapter 1, the very first scene. The character is in a shooting range practicing and we get painfully slow mode description of everything she is doing from how her fingers grip the trigger, how the bullet gets fired, the time it hits the target, the impact after the bullet hits the target, the resulting sound and feelings and blah ..blah…blah…BLAH. It’s kind of annoying when suddenly everything drops all of a sudden.

Now any book finds its backbone in its plot and the central character and because of the same reason i would declare this book to be crippled. Why? Because the central character is one of the most confusing, dwindling and suspicious characters I have ever read. Even I could not trust or understand what she kept doing throughout and I have no clue as to what exactly our main character, kick is. ( weird name….don’t ask… whole big story goes into explaining it and I m too tired and irate for that ) Is she good? Is she bad? Is she arrogant? Is she weak or strong?. Even after reading about 500 pages of a book based on her, I have no effing clue as to what exactly she is.

Now since i failed at it..i would appreciate if somebody could point at the direction at which this book was headed.a) was it avenging a dog's murder? b)getting over and moving on after a terrible past?c) a thriller ride involving gun, blood, bad guys and an alpha male? d) The forbidden love thing between a broken girl and a mysterious bad boy? What was it?

I would finally conclude that even though the plot is interesting, I have my doubts about the treatment and absolutely loathe the central character for being so vague. But at the same time I cannot say that I hated the book because there was something definitely different to it. But was it good. Well not exactly. So was it bad…well not exactly…well then..? I don’t know