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It’s not half bad, its full good (if you get what I mean)

Half Bad - Sally Green

Ok fine. I admit that I picked up this book because the cover looked good. In fact the book did not even have a synopsis on the back cover and yet I picked it up and thought to give it a try. Simply because I loved the cover. (yeah, I know…so brainy of me ) so basically when I picked up the book I had no idea what it was all about and what it was going to be like. Guess the book gods were smiling upon me because the risk paid off well.

Half bad comes with a unique narration style. The book switches between second and first person narration and contrary to popular belief (or just my belief) , Second person narration can be quite fun and sally green (the author) has used it pretty effectively. It may sound bad but the actual switching narration improves and spices up the whole book.

The book is pretty impressive on its ability to tie its readers with the journey of the main character Nathan and it actually makes us feel that we are moving along with him in his world. what does this mean? . It means that the author has created a pretty strong and well defined central character that you would be able to attach yourselves to him perfectly. The flow of the entire book is smooth and gripping. I personally did not find any dip in the book as the pace was rock solid

The book is based on the world of witches and it is beautifully portrayed without complicating much with details and irrelevant add-ons. It is strictly need to know basis with a whole lot of mysterious elements lurking. This will help you drown yourself in the book. Hopefully this trilogy will be able to deliver just like its premiere book

Undoubtedly a good choice for a book and with gripping narration, you would be able to feel and move along with the central character. The plot is good but it’s the narration and the language that will steal your hearts. Simple, pure and fun

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