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It’s the game changer of the entire series

Wings - Elizabeth  Richards

I think I m going to eat my words.

Yes I have been pretty vocal about the fact that I was not a big fan of the series but that was until I read wings. I wish the author had used the power of plot that was in wings in her previous books as well

Lets go back to the previous books. Black city, the very first book was nothing but a different version of twilight set in dystopian world with pretty much nothing new to offer and I still stand by that. Phoenix, the second book was a cliché romance but somewhat had a little plot in working very discretely in the back.

Now the third and the finale book, Wings was like the author gave the entire series a 360 degree makeover (that or I just came back to the series in the new year with a fresh mind after a long hiatus)

Wings had finer and interesting plot than the previous book. So much that I wish we could escape the first two and jump into the third directly but the fact is that the events in wings had all been a gradual progress from the previous two books. There are whole set of old and new characters that bring so much to the plot that you instantly forgive the author for the lack luster prequels.

I am still miffed about the whole dystopian world that forms the backdrop of the story. The reason being the inability of the author to shed the stark similarities to our present world and making it impossible for me to fully believe that this is a post apocalyptic world. Also by the third bookthere are a whole set of jargons and terminologies meant for the dystopian world which comes without any explanations.The plot halts in between to describe dresses and surroundings which is like stopping your car right in the middle of a heavy traffic because you wanted to stretch your legs … which is something you never do

The romance part still irks me with insta-love syndrome plaguing it

Natalie the female character is still a struggle for me to cope with but hey there are always weird characters in real life too. In fact some are so bad that I quiver with the sight of their mere shadows but still I survive and hence I survived Natalie through the book as well.

Also I felt the narration and scene settings were a bit “movie-ish”. Fit for screen but not a bright idea when it comes to a book. Both have a complete different style of narration

Hold on before you roll your eyes and say that then how come the book is good

The book is good because the series finally has come out of cliché romance and have actual solid plot which is filled with so much thrills and turns that it is nothing less of a roller coaster ride. I love as how towards the end the author completely threw in a new revelation making it so damn good that I was bouncing like a monkey on my chair for having rewarded for sticking with the series.

Yes the book has stuff I hate like an annoying female lead, creepy romance stuff but in spite of that Wings is the best in the entire black city trilogy with a rock solid plot filled with elements that you could not possibly imagine would happen. So many revelations, twists and turns made this book good and I am finally happy that I stayed with the series with a truck load of patience. Wings survive because of its plot. 

how was it?