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So intense and vivid

Dublin in the Rain - Andrew Critchley
First of all a huge thanks to the author for sharing his work with me and it had been a wonderful reading experience

The book was like watching somebody grow up right in front of me. Watching somebody go through the troughs and crests of his life, while doing and learning from his mistakes

Undoubtedly the author is a master story teller. The way he vividly shared the life of a young man is commendable

The narration is chopped into small blocks, so you can easily go through them without feeling overwhelmed with emotions. The book basically is an emotional roller coaster rather than a fast paced plot. The narration skill basically allows you to live the life of our central character with perfection and it is as if you are standing by the fence watching this young man go through his life

The book at the same time also does suffer because of this as it gets too detailed and slower explaining every stage of the character, but then again that can also arise from the fact that I am not a common visitor to this genre and maybe this is how you put across the life of a person.

I did feel that by the middle of the book, the pace was painfully slow especially when we are introduced to a new character Sophia and her relationship with our central character. Frankly those part of the book carried conversations and language that skipped my brain. Things were going really descriptive and uncomfortable for my taste so much that I feared the book was slipping into another genre completely. I am talking about the detailed narration of our central character’s sexual encounters which I thought was really unnecessary as it was way too many and totally deviating from the main plotline

Apart from that the book had a fantastic narration, impressive language and most importantly the characters are so enriched with definite personality traits and individuality that you start to feel accustomed and emotionally attached to each of them which is a huge thing to achieve when writing a book. Overall feel of the book is sort of monotone but it perfectly tugs the right chords of its readers

The book should come with a strong warning that it can make you emotionally vulnerable as the author had worked a great deal to make you go through the psyche of each characters, just as they are in the story

i kept waiting to contemplate why exactly the title goes "Dublin in the Rain" when the entire story is happening in Sheffield, London but it was at the end that i finally understood why and can't deny it was clever

The book basically is a journey where you get to watch a young boy discover everything from family, friends, love to a meaning for his life. The author is wickedly good at bringing out the emotions of its character and making the readers go through it successfully. The book is intense and high on emotions. The narration skill is amazing and so is the language as far as it not the portions where literary geniuses and their works are discussed because then it goes all cryptic at least for me but those who are Shakespearean/vintage author fans ( wait is that a word ? !! well) would enjoy those portions of the book. To be frank the book may not be of everybody’s liking as it can be intense and you need to have an inclination towards this genre but even still I would say it is a great work.

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