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Murderous Little Darlings (A Tale of Vampires Book 1) - John L. Hennessy

First of all a huge thanks to the author for asking me to read his books and trusting me to share my honest views on his books.

Now, this is the second book that i am reading from his list of books.

So after the author asked me to read his book, i gladly placed an order for the book and it took almost 15 days to finally reach and when i finally opened the parcel, i nearly fainted. i was shocked to see that the book i had waited for ages to get, turned out to be just 64 pages. yes guys its just 64 pages !!! but these pages are good enough to keep you seated firmly

Murderous little darlings is a short story that is based on three vampire siblings but wait till you read the story and see it turn on you by the end, because i m still coping with what happened at the end. ( oops !! did i give away anything? )
The flow of the whole book is much better and fortunately is smooth flow without diverting much from the present. The characters even through its small journey is full of impact and life

The author definitely shows an inclination towards making his characters stronger and capable to make you ponder over them and i am starting to learn that his plots are always wicked and spooky and you can never trust what is going to happen in the book

Murderous Little Darlings is a short, fast and powerful story of three vampire siblings that does not require you to invest too much time or effort but still provides you with a great read. The language and narration is good and keeps the book flowing effortlessly. I loved the twists and thrills that the author has incorporated in his story. Plus what harm is it going to do when it is merely 64 pages and requires hardly half hour of your time