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I live for action and this one was action served on a silver platter

The Reluctant Warrior (Warriors Series Book 2) - Ty Patterson
Let me begin with saying a huge thanks to the author for giving me a copy of his work and then moving on to applaud him for the same and writing this book.

I love action-thrillers. Those are like my personal drugs. Say "fist-fight" and "knuckle talk" and i am there. In fact as with any action lovers, Jack Reacher was my god and so was Mitch rapp until recently when these good guys got buried under various circumstances. jack reacher (star of the series written by Lee Child ) got hit by commercialization and the author driving him far from the alpha rugged man he used to be and unfortunately Mitch Rapp would be no more there since its author (Vince Flynn) has left this worldly stage. Just when i was mourning the dearth of a good action book and hero, Ty Patterson lured me to his book with a character that i fell for, just by reading the first two lines of his description.

Its like the author paid attention to my grievances from the first book, because everything that i nagged about in the first book was turned around in this one.

In the first book i had complained that there were too much of street talk and jargons for one to grasp and that language was dwindling here and there and most importantly, there was dearth of a good old "fist flying" and come to the second book,The book is not only elegantly and smoothly written but it flows like an unobstructed river. But above all the book shines from a great set of characters, The warriors. My oh My. This was one of the best team i have ever come across. The book was funny, action filled and so much adrenaline and testosterone that i was floating in gunpowder clouds.

Delightful times

The narration and techniques were a brilliant showcase of story telling. It had thriller elements, high powered action and tense situations. Moreover the book has got characters that you will fall in love with

I am seriously dying out here to see this in a movie version as it would make a killer action film.

Now without giving away any spoilers i just want to mention that the author won my heart with the revelation at the end and if i had been a sculptor, i would have made a statue for him in marble but since i am not, you have to do away with this review

The Reluctant Warrior is everything you want in an action thriller. There is a strong plot, a good bunch of ruthless yet malleable and fully functional team of warriors that will win your hearts and make you live the action. The book has come far from its very first book, with a brilliant and coherent narration and smooth language keeping everything glued to it. The brilliance of the book is definitely the characters and " in too deep" and "die-hard" situations making it an explosive book. This can go on to become a great asset in the action genre.