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Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure - Michael G. Munz

A huge Thanks to the author and his team for providing me a copy of the book but at the same time i am also going to apologize for the review i am going to write

It feels like i have been reading this book for ages now. Right now i look like a zombie in progress, with swollen red eyeballs threatening to pop out and eye bags reaching the floor.To think of it, the book was only 446 pages and i have read books more voluminous than this one but nothing has induced fatigue as much as this book has. It was more or less like having run a marathon with this book.

Lets move to serious territories and discuss the book

The book has one of the most innovative and creative story lines i have ever come across. The basic theme and the title of the book itself was hilarious. To be fair, the author has an amazing skill of humor but the problem lies with the deliverance which is a bit chaotic. The book is funny. No doubt about that but the problem is that the sentences are complex and there is too much thought process and ideas squeezed into one line which makes you lose track of the whole conversation and the point of it.

Somehow i am reminded of the quote
“You young men have too many jokes. When there are no jokes you've nothing left.”
by Henry James in The Portrait of a Lady

The book needs simpler narration and coherent thoughts because as of now, i feel that the author starts with one idea, moves to other and another creating a complex narration failing to hold the reader for long and in turn adding pages to the already overflowing book. In my opinion, the author should go through a rigid selection process as to which ideas and jokes he needs to keep and which to throw away in spite of how much alluring and creative it seems(trust me i know how hard it is as i am constantly battling this war myself)

Overall the book is a fantastic concept and attempt. Pretty brainy too. A little bit work on the narration and selective thoughts and then this book will be one of the most amazing books around because usually humor in a book is not as successful as it claims to be but this book and the author have shown me that there is a possibility where a comedy can be actually fun and hilarious because his jokes were spot on but then again it lacked a strength of coherent narration.

And My God !! there is too much babbling and mumbling.... but if anybody cares, Leif has been an interesting character and one of the best characters in the whole book. It was fun watching all the greek gods in their modern appearances.

The book brings forward one of the most creative and fun themes you could think off and with greek gods in play, it offers so much potential and scope for a comedy ride and it does deliver on its promises but sadly to only an extent. Everything works in its favor except for one major detail. The narration. Each line runs wild with thought after thoughts. Too many jokes and things in one single line and wavering from the main point you intended to talk and orbiting around the globe too long with your mumbling, creating a dragging narration and in turn a voluminous read.

How was it?