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Oh my god its Zombilicious

Rise of the Horde - Devan Sagliani
First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy and secondly... OH MY GOD...this was fantastic

Well as the name suggests this is totally a zombie apocalypse book but if you think that this book is going to be all about zombie and running from them, then you are wrong because while zombie are running in the background craving for brains,the story line has much more to offer and have so many other twists and turns that keeps it spicy and completely going roller coaster on you. while the central characters keep ending up in troubles one after another making them run for their lives, for the readers it is downright fun and entertaining.

(more like those people from gladiator times who sat on the sidelines watching a tiger ripping some gladiator's throat, while munching popcorn and saying " wow the tiger has got some moves..... wait!! is that a tattoo on his paws?")

The brilliance and effectiveness of the book comes from the fact that the author did not keep the story hovering around running from a zombie army but had incorporated various other sidelines to the overall plot that you can't blink your eyes for one moment. For me the story graph keeps elevating and elevating until it settles down peacefully towards the end, giving you your breath back.

Thank fully the author does not leave huge cliff hangers but still makes you want to read the sequel so badly

The language and storytelling is absolutely weaving its magic so you can pick up this book without having to worry that you will be left stranded in the zombie land for too long. The narration skill is fantastic and the simplicity and the flowing language keeps you glued to the book and in any case i believe this book was a fantastic opening to the series.

The book in its short span, takes you from interesting to the level were your blood is threatening to come out of your veins with excitement. The best part is that the story line keeps reinventing itself with each increasing chapters and before you know it jumps into places that you lest expected. You never know what is coming up next and this twists and turns in the story makes this book an exciting ride. The language and narration skill only adds to the overall charm.

If you think that this book is going to be all zombies and zombies.. think again and for all those who love zombies then.... what are you waiting for... DIG IN.....

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