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It has blown out all my expectations

Innocent While She Sleeps (A Tale of Vampires Book 3) - John Hennessy
The first thing i felt after opening this book was something on this line


Because in the dedication i thought i saw something that resembled my name and i actually had to go back to ensure that i was not imagining things and there it was as clear and crisp as it can ever be, my name under dedication... (yup...my name)

I am certain about one thing that i have to have the paperback of the book and probably wrap it in a golden shroud and preserve it for my grandchildren to see (or so that I can rub it on their faces ...your grandmom rocks)

So words can't put together the gratitude i have towards the author. But i guess i can try saying
Thank you thank you so much John Hennessy (you are the best)

Now that i have finally stopped dancing let's start with the actual review

As i have told you in the previous reviews of this series that
The entire series consists of books that is barely 100 pages long and does not demand much of your time.

This is the third book in the series and i feel that this is the best so far. While each book had been dealing with a single separate story, a common string has been following from the very first book in all three of them.

Like the previous two books, the story flips and does a strong 360 on you at the very end, which you have least expected and this only adds to the craving for the next book.

While the story definitely maintains and elevates the whole goodness and charm created by the previous books, what i absolutely adored and cherished (apart from the dedication page ) is the language.

The language is not only refined but almost poetic. it had a beauty to it and with an elegance it managed to narrate an otherwise spooky and blood dripping tale. For me personally, it was the language that scored this time for the book.

It was sort of fitting with the story line, the ambiance and the setting of the story. The other part that impressed me was how well connected each of these three books in the series is. My jaw had hit the floor while realizing how wickedly the author had connected the previous two books to this one.

The level of perfection the author is bringing to his work with each increasing books is astounding. Its like he is shutting my mouth solid without giving much scope to crib about.

Grab this book today! for one because i want a book with my name to be on every shelf and secondly

In barely 80 pages, the author manages to tell and narrate a story that many fail to do in even 800 pages. While i would not suggest reading it as a standalone, the fact is that you could do so without having to suffer much as the author has conveniently left background details for you to understand the story and the characters mentioned and where exactly they are coming from. Its the language that is the star of the book. It is poetic and yet simple and elegant to put together in words, what it means exactly. The third book outshines the previous two books, showing the growth of the author as well.