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At least it has a happy ending

Saving Lawson (Loving Lawson Book 2) - R.J. Lewis, Charity Pierce
Again... i don't know why i keep returning to these new adult books when i clearly hate the guts and audacity of all these books with their erotic and " so wrong" relationships. well maybe it can be blamed on the sudden flood of such books in the market but i guess its quite evident that something in these books tap on the female species quite strongly than the rest. so i guess its eventually me who should be blamed ..

any how lets come to the book

Saving Lawson continues with the same routine that it started in the first book and practically follows religiously every new adult romance routine. Though admittedly the second book comes with a much better plot line that makes it worth it. I still strongly feel very violated with the kind of language and behaviors that these characters exhibitbut then that is totally up to individual perceptions so lets leave the debate for another time.

The book still propagates its addiction towards the abusive language but to be fair and square, the book comes with a strong warning. Everything i had against this book was turned upside down by its impressive second half. It came around much more effectively and gave a purpose to the book rather than narrating the behaviors of two people who are worse than bunnies (if you get the wind of my pun)

The author definitely can weave a strong story and it had to admired. The book definitely had an intriguing power to it and the characters do come strong (though with traits and behavior that i would gladly write an essay on). The language is very colloquial yet does its job of narrating the story nicely.( nicely not beautifully)

To be short and crisp. The second book has much more impressive and advanced story line. With a strong element of suspense and secrets, the second half of the book just demolishes any qualms you have towards the book. It completely overturns the entire book, making you appreciate the intensity of the plot. The language is a bit rough as explained in the warning for the book. So it is not a bad choice for anybody who like the new adult genre because it has got everything that this genre requires, complex relationship, secret, lies, lust and detailed description of sexual encounters and then two disturbed souls in a very disturbed relationship.