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The Legacy of Fear (Horror at the Lake (A Vampire Tale) Book 1) - Vanessa A. Ryan

A huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of her book

The book definitely has a plot that is both intriguing and horrifying. I would rather say its twisted and keeps getting more gripping as it reaches its final run. There are lot of elements that is running along in the book that you would never run out of things to be amazed and shocked at.

The book has a pretty unique story and the way characters are shaped is amazing. Every character comes and goes with a lot of mystery surrounding them making you more inquisitive as to what will happen next. For me personally the book fails at its narration power. It kind of lacks a smooth flow and sometimes it slows down a lot for you to become fully engrossed but having said that, the story still lures you into it. There is historical facts, suspense, horror elements and above all paranormal forces all adding a lot of spice to the story. Language is good and so is the plot development.

I love how the author paints horror elements without going overboard and making it gory. It is enough to make you develop chills but not bad enough to scare you off the book. The book needs a little more smoothing and ..voila... nobody would be able to touch this book because the basic plot and mystery was that good for me.

This book brings out a pretty clever story, filled with suspense, romance, passion, drama, horror and trivia, all mixing together to give a great story. One other thing is the characters. even the ones that make a five line appearance will haunt you throughout the book and that shows the powerful skill of character development by the author. Every page is filled with events that will get your brains cooking and question...what next? ... it is dark, haunting and exciting. But i do wish there was more smoothness to the narration