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Now that is what i call a sequel

The Immortal Crown - Richelle Mead

The first book had not appealed to very many but for me it was an amazing read in spite of the certain shortfalls it has carried. The sequel has actually proved me right to have stood by this series as the second book outshines this series by a whole lot of way.

The reason why first book did not satisfy very many was the fact that for a dystopian novel, the description and the essential details pertaining to this new world were missing, which makes it difficult for any dystopian novel to lure its readers but come to the second book, The Immortal Crown, and the author had taken care of all your complaints as the very first chapter itself is a brave attempt at making you accustomed to this world she has created and along with touching upon what had happened in the first book along with setting the stone for the new one.

Language and narration is fabulous and this time you would not be complaining about lack of crucial elements but let that not mean that it is very detailed and rock solid in foundation. Its just that all the details that are relevant for you to pick up the story is there and will absorb you immediately. There is a flow and purpose and interestingly a whole lot of twists to make your blood pressure dance inside your veins.

The best part about the book is its characters which are strongly built and showcases a strong presence in the book. Of course i am a die hard fan of both the central characters and the core plot, which in turn makes me a fan of the series.

The second book ends with a drastic revelation that you will go crazy, waiting for the third book. The author just pushed you off the cliff and now you are fast approaching the ground, in the hope that the parachutes will work. So basically what i am saying is that .....i can't wait for the third book

For all those who thought that the series started with a lukewarm book, try the sequel because The immortal crown not only will explain you all the details that was left behind in the first book but in fact also do come with a glossary (hallelujah ) . The plot has gone on to a new level with exciting turns of events and keeping you glued to it but its the ending that blows your mind so much that you are left thirsty for the sequel.