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So Basically you want to say is that it was a pointless journey ?

Paper Towns by Green, John (2009) Paperback - John Green

The whole reason i went for the book is because there is a movie coming out soon for this one and i wanted to prepare myself for it by reading the book and getting to know it in its purest form, before the movie ruins it for me

The book is one of those which though boasts being simple in nature yet has lots of layers to it that you will wonder how is it adept for kids when having crossed that barrier ages ago, i was still perplexed with some of the ideas that were thrown at me.

I am well aware that John Green is God for many young adults fans out there.Looking for Alaska and The fault in our Stars are nothing less of a phenomenon these days and yet i am one of those few left who have not read any of these book yet. so this was basically my first John Green book and i would establish here that i am not a big fan of his writing style but is a devotee for his humour. confused? ..hold on let me explain

I have heard now and again as to how much John Green's book, The Fault in Our Stars had moved people to tears and had created a booming business for the tissue industry but when i was reading Paper Towns i was wondering whether it was this book that lacked the charisma or was it an ingenious trait to his works or was it me going absolutely BONKERS in the end?

The basic problem i had with the book is its questionable language which were filled with youth jargons and terminologies which for an average american school kid would be thrilling and a daily vocabulary but for a general audience and a book targeting the world wide readers, i guess it strike as a threat. I found various references and words mocking me and my ability to read the English language. Now the narration part. Yes there is a vast difference between narration and language. (while we can represent language by a pen then narration is basically the act of writing)....confused??.... Dont bother...lets get back to the main point if you noticed what i did just now, then you will understand when i say that author deviates in between and in case you missed what i meant then in simple language he keeps moving in and out of the main plot

There are lot of times when the author goes a philosophical which goes dangerous at some point enough to give me a headache with trying to relate the context but at the same time making my eyes go wide with the profoundness of these ideas.. see my dilemma here? ... so basically at one end i am loving it but other end i am feeling hopeless with a plot that was destined for tragedy from the beginning itself.

I both love and hate the book. I loved the way the characters are shaped and convincingly portrayed to lure the readers to the book, especially that of Margo but i am not a fan of the writing style and language but would admit that the author is funny when the humour is shaped up and incorporated correctly. i felt the book went too philosophical and the plot wavered with somewhat rocky core. I like the concept but maybe not the execution but even then i would not say that the book is a total failure. In fact it is worth a try. Perhaps one of those book that was not too great or too bad but somewhere in between

Warning: All those John Green fans who hated my audacity and review..... I HAVE A VICIOUS DOG HUNGRY FOR MEAT...Don't make me unleash him on you