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A bumpy ride but an exhilarating one

Grift - Jason Mosberg, Rika Drea
First of all a huge thanks to Marsilla for recommending this book.

As true to Marsilla's words, the book indeed was as a fantastic thriller. The second half of the book is racing with so many turns and trickery that it is hard to sit straight through your read. Pages after pages keeps churning so much devious plans that it is hard to stop your from turning the pages fast enough.

Yes the plot is good but the book do comes with its own sets of faults. The language and narration is not exactly the smoothest and hence my reference in the title that it is a bumpy ride. Though,there is rarely a dull moment in the book, somehow you cant deny that the book takes a while to be on track and once it does,the book just blows up your expectations.

The author definitely seems to be well versed with the city of Las Vegas and its nuisances. The way he narrates and portrays the world of Grift that resides parallel to the glimmer of Las Vegas, leaves me confused as to whether be suspicious as to how well he knows all the trickery and modus operandi of the same or to be amazed at his research skills. The fact is that the author does truly justify the title Grift and brings forward a face of Las Vegas that you have never seen before but sometimes that is also the problem as he kinds of halts to explain the background details or history a bit too often but luckily does not do in a fatal way. (hence the bumpy ride )

I love how the author has shaped his characters, each characters have their own space and is clearly distinguishable from others and are not stereotype characters but seems to be normal with their own vises and wises. Makes them more real and understandable.

Yes it needs a bit more polishing . For me personally , it was the narration and language that needed a bit work, but even still i would say that for any thriller fans this would give them enough dose to keep them sated. Wait till it catches the speed. But even then in the beginning it was fun to get accustomed to the world of debauchery and Grift. I loved our main character along with her entourage.

The book starts with a bumpy ride and takes its time to be on track but when it does, the thriller component of the book makes it a terrific read with its twisted characters and plot. The characters are the best highlights of the book. You cannot chose to be not impressed by each one of them. The author paints a brilliant and in depth face of Las vegas that is hidden behind all the shimmer and glimmer. Stick for a while and there is no stopping this book. As of now it lacks a bit of polishing but even then it is a good thriller

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