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simple and interesting

Pawn - Aimee Carter

There is no pleasantries and welcoming party for this book as the book starts right in the middle of the action and leaves the readers right in the middle of this fire without much explanations or background details and it is revealed to you as you walk through it gradually

While the narration and language acts as a perfect accomplice to the book, its the background details that i am yearning for.Considering that this is a dystopian novel, it is only fair for one to ask a bit more detail about the world that the book is set into.

The essential information is of course there but not enough to shut your curiosity satisfactorily. The story on the other hand moves real quick,jumps through hoops even without complicating much and taking you along smoothly. Even without much background details the story proved to be pretty effective and an interesting read for me.

I found the book to be really simple and quick and not indulging into so much technicalities and emotional vulnerabilities and this by my standards is a pretty good thing.

This is a dystopian novel that manages to tell you a solid story even without giving away much details about the dystopian world or character backgrounds. While this may prove a bit uncomfortable, the book still comes strong with a good core story that paces itself fast with enough twist and turns to keep you glued.