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Back to my grandma’s lap

Boardinghouse Stew - E. E. Smith

First of all a huge thanks to P.J. Nunn and the author for providing me a copy of the book to read

I can't explain as to why but somehow the whole book for me personally was like sitting in my grandma’s laps and listening to her life when she was young. I guess we all have that moment when we had listened to our parent’s or grandparent’s story and be amazed and cringing at the same time. Amazed at the life and the times they had spent and cringing thinking them doing stuff as a teen and having to picture them doing that in our mind.

The book has put me in sort of confusion as to whether treat it as a work of fiction or somebody’s cherished memoir. As of now lets just say that it is somebody’s memories narrated in a fiction style for the readers to enjoy but otherwise the simplicity and the purity of the story is very impressive and touching

I love how the author has kept things smooth and simple and not divulging into intricacies so as to let the readers feel and play with the characters of the story at their own pace and with perfect ease. The book emerges with the richness of its characters. Each character is strong and has a very strong presence in the book. They simply brightens this entire book.

I am feeling that I should not be talking about the plot because you can never rate somebody’s life. But just as I said it is exactly like listening to your grandmother’s life from her mouth in her own words and recollection power. The narration had that glimpses of passion, caring and profoundness that is found in grandma tales. It is hard to explain but that is what I got from the book.

Missing hearing stories from your grandma? Then this could be a good substitute. At least I felt so. It had the same vibe, tone and passion to it. The book had an amazing set of characters that spread joy and strength to the plot. They are the life of this book. It is a short bitter-sweet story that is not sans the emotional quotient