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Haunting Story but a little too cliché

Haunted Love - Jessica Frances

I would definitely say that the story is pretty alluring. It opens explosively that you can’t stop yourself from reading further. I like the way the author opens the book with a crucial turn of events so that the hook is set right on for its readers.

The book has a good story plot but it only remains solid for the first half as by the second half , the book suddenly hops over to cliché romance and spoils the fun that was slowly developed by the first half of the book. Suddenly all that you have building seems pointless and the ending seems a little rushed and packed up in haste pulling all the loose ends in one giant knot to finish it as there are a whole lot of unanswered questions and events that still haunts so yes in that regard it is definitely haunting

I am also not very happy with the language as it is not smooth and velvety. it needs a little brushing and polishing but narration power is pretty decent. The plot in my opinion went a little too sweet and romancy. Certain aspects are a bit hard to digest and to bite on. The logistics and reasoning are not sufficient to help you savor the story nicely.

The book has a powerful first half but towards the second half the plot just slips badly and jumps to territories and aspects that seem a little inappropriate or intrusive at times. It’s the second half and the ending that needs a little bit more credibility and work since at present it seems a little rushed up and not that perfect. The story had a strength that slipped up midway. For a paranormal or thriller aspect, it may not provide much but for a romance, this book is beautiful and the book do manages to moves your heart.