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Typical Tattooed Bad boy versus innocent girl

Stupid Girl - Cindy Miles
The book is every other new adult romance and what it brings new to the table is just the different setting and scenarios but otherwise, all other elements are the usual ones, two characters that are trying to recover from terrible past accidentally bumping into each other (literally) and forming a fiery relationship with enough sparks and explosions to make it a 300 page long new adult romance

The plot as I said is a bit washed out but not too dull to make you yawn and throw it away. Yes the characters are impressive and fair enough. I even liked the girl and her reactions at many points which is a rare scenario for me when it comes to New Adult.

I am kind of disappointed with the language that did not had a smoothness to it and had incorporated a lot of colloquial words and phrases that ruined the flow sometimes. Narration skill on the other hand is powerful enough which explains as to why I was able to finish the book in a single day.

I do not know whether it was me or that the plot indeed was struggling to create something that was a mixture of both Easy by Tamarra Webber and Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

There are two chapters which went on to narrate the story angle from male point of view, making me thank god that there was not a sequel to the book that was a male point of view or that the book itself was not a male point of view

The plot is a typical new adult book with only the characters and circumstances changed to narrate a different version of the ongoing New Adult template of tattooed bad boy falling for a naïve and innocent girlaka taming the biggest man slut (According to the book itself). Language has its problems majorly because it crosses over to the colloquial language territory. Narration skill is commendable since it keeps the book alive. For those who love this genre, this will be another collectible but for those who are looking for something different, this is not the one. The plot is fairly predictable too. In short it is neither bad or exceptionally good but a fair enough romance read