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This could have gone so much better

India Was One - An Indian
First of all a huge thanks to the author for contacting me and providing me with the copy of the book to read

I am pretty sure the author is going to hate my guts after reading the review but then i guess for it to be a genuine review i have to get some things in the open and maybe in a blunt and raw form so i am going to start the review by apologizing to the author in advance.

I felt this book was a victim of failed perspective and focus. i am not sure whether to be angry or disappointed at the fact that the author had such a brilliant plot structure in his hand and did not develop it. There was a beautiful story scope that was left unpolished and unused to an utter disappointment

I am a south Indian residing in Delhi so for me the plot structure was so inviting. It promised me of a story plot that i could have easily related to and even if not that, the entire face and fate of the book could have been completely different if the author had sharpened and solely focused his entire book on developing the plot around a divided form of our country. it was such a powerful thought and concept but went straight to discarded pile.

The author had developed and ended this potential concept in mere two chapters without anything to hold on and spent the rest of the book describing irrelevant plot lines. This book is what i like to call a journal story. A story where there is nothing core to it except becoming a personal diary of the central character and describing what he did or wishes to do.

Now while all that did disappoint me, i will also admit that i had a very good perspective towards the western culture from an indian point of view and perhaps also helps a westerner to be able to see india in their perspective but then this could have been an underlying layer rather than being the focus point

Also the author with what i believe was a noble intention stops the narration to describe various indian words and traditions which breaks the flow and sometimes even kind of hampers the whole fun. Perhaps a glossary at the end would have rectified this problem.

This is a classic example of a good book collapsing under bad execution. The author from the very beginning has lost the focus and purpose of the book because it is only towards the third last chapter that the actual plot shows up but only to get treated in an unkind and fastidious manner that it looses its magic. The saddest part is that the author has a good narration and language power and apparently is also a good guide and guru to our cultural diversity and even had a strong story in his hands but did not work on it.