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Trailed through the surface

Auditory Viewpoint - Lillian R. Melendez

First of all a huge thanks to the author and her team for providing me with the copy of the book

The book definitely had a very interesting story base and its line of characters that came with their own weakness and strength and background story but i felt that in spite of all these valuable and essential ingredients available, the author did not go into the depths of the story.

I felt the book to be somewhat like a short fictional documentary on cybercrime. Quick and fast yet only meaty enough to attract readers but not keeping them for too long.

The book has a good narration and language. The plot was impressive too but the treatment required a little more emotional depth, not that it should have run pages describing how the characters are feeling but giving each of them with enough space in the story so that the readers can get to know them better because as of now the story just briefs you about the characters and a bit of background details and sometimes not even clear enough and then jumps right into the center and runs pretty fast with basic details.

Lets just say that it kind of runs with bare essentials and unattached without focusing on anything particular. Going with the flow

The book has interesting set of characters but without enough time given to these characters, readers may not be able to connect with the book as it deserves but on the other hand it becomes a quick and fast read with a good plot.