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How was that an end?

.40 Cal Sayulita - Marcus L Schantz

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

I am still hyperventilating from the aftershocks of reading this book. It was that fun and good for me till the time i reached the very end. How could you end the book like the way you just did. There is cliffhangers and then there is this. For the sake of not being a spoiler i will not be going into the details but let me just say that the author just played with my brain with that ending...and i am not liking it

I absolutely loved the book. it was pure thriller fun. Most importantly i liked the seamless humour of the book. The comic elements pops up here and there and unintentionally adds a flavour to the whole book. The book opens right into the scene and does makes you a little confused as to what is happening but then as the book continues the picture gets clear.

What is good about the book is that it is pure adrenaline rush and it is not your typical alpha male characters. The book presents to you characters and situations that is quite plausible and relating. Seems very believable and real. There is no jumping from the helicopter and landing smoothly kind of daredevilry or one punch knockout abilities. The character has been kept pure and raw making it more fun and curious

I also feel that the author must be in trouble because i can see that he has given out a lot of trade secrets in his book.

The chapters are short and crisp switching to present and past. Totally exhilarating and cinematic thrill. The narration and language definitely adorns the book and makes it a very enjoyable read.

Everything about the book is amazing but when i think of the end i feel like hitting myself or somebody. How could the author leave it like that and not even promise a sequel

If you are a thriller fan then this is a book for you. It runs with adrenaline, shock and risk factors. It keeps you curious and at the edge of your seats with its fireworks. The story and the believable characters and situations makes it an amazing read. But watch out for the end.