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A vintage Detective

Jack Spade: Dream Detective - Carl a Chase

first of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

I absolutely loved the theme and concept of the book. It is brilliant, brainy, creative and something unique.The execution may not be that awesome but is not bad too. I found the book fair enough.

The book is more like a simpler version of inception. Going into dream of a dream. There are two parallel stories and characters running the show and while at times it becomes hard to track, the book in general brings a good story.

All i could think of saying is that maybe the book needs a little more of polishing but otherwise with a new concept and idea at hand, the book does manages to shine and impress. Since the book carries two heavyweight stories and character set, it required a little more attention because right now one of the story outshines and beats the other one. so basically what i am saying is that one half of the book is super impressive, well crafted and cut to perfection but the other half is a bit unfinished and left in the middle and requires a little more attention.I felt that towards the end,things seemed to be a little rushed

The book has a good core and uses two parallel stories and while one half needs a bit more attention, the other half is the star of the book and what makes it worthy. In fact i felt that the book could have sufficed without going into two parallel story mode and just adhering to the stronger story to make it a perfect book but having said so the book still is a good one to give a try where the settings take you back in time. Language and narration is good.