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Needs a bit more gentle treatment

A Backed Up John: A Story of Gods, Goddesses, Mortals, and the Odd Stuff In Between - Michael McAfee

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

As the author has mentioned, it is a flight away from reality but unfortunately this flight is a bit jerky

I loved the core idea of the plot. Visiting back to olympus and the Olymipans but i wish the treatment could be a little more gentler as right now the book is a little too complex ,scientific and technical to keep up.Its like two many things are trying to battle for your attention.

For the major half of the book i had no idea as to where the book was heading or what was it trying to convey. The trouble is that the book is amazing in components. There are parts of stories that are individually brilliant but as a general, these components fail to match with each other.

Hopefully without spoilers i could clarify this with examples

I loved the new religion concept of Ex- crete and its explanation and usage by the author. It was hilarious. Also i loved the portrayal of Hercules. So did other such short portions and chunks of stories but when you look at these in a broader range it seems to stop making sense and does not go with each other

I am still confused about the central character John. i still don't know the basics of this character.

Either i was not able to understand it or maybe it was the author but the fact is that i could only appreciate the book in bits and parts. I felt the author was trying to move into multiple plot lines making the whole book a bit shaky

The concept was brilliant but i felt that it was not properly put together and explained. It is a bit hard and tougher concepts to absorb and wish had a little more gentleness or simplicity to it. There are certain portions that are truly remarkable. The book is good in portions and maybe with a little more refined unraveling, the concept and the entire ride would have been a bit more smoother. Language is simple but the narration is what is a bit of concern. This occurs majorly because there is a wavering theme to the book. i felt it should have picked one theme and strongly revolved the book around it