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The Shadow Reigns (Witch-Hunter, #2) - K.S. Marsden
First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book.

I had fallen for the series right from the first page of the first book, The Shadow Rises. In fact I had fallen in love with the series so much that I had begged her for the sequels but it took a long time for me to return back to the series and now that I have returned back, all those emotions that made me fall for the book in the first place is back. I realized how much I had missed Hunter, the main character and his entourage

I dreaded that the book would go for a middle book syndrome where a second book suffers with low deliverance after an illustrious first book. Fortunately the second book retains every pinch of salt and flavor from the first book. Also there were enough cheat sheets for those who are returning to the series after a long time to recollect events from the first book

The book out and out shines with its velvety narration. In the first book too, I was floored by the simplicity and the silkiness of the narration and language. Things move smoothly and in a rich creamy form.

Now let us come to the plot. The last book ended right under fire with a kind of revelation that was kind of shocking and the second book kind of pick up on the aftereffects of this revelation. There are lots of things that is happening but as I said the narration power just keeps you gripped.

When dealing with Paranormal stuff, there are lots of stuffs and elements that can be a little hard to grasp or relate too and it is how easily an author make it sound realistic or plausible that makes or breaks a paranormal series and that is why I love the author for not complicating things and making this world of witches and witch craft easy to absorb

What a fantastic series. Even if you are not a fan of paranormal fiction or the world of witches, you should give this series a try. I fell in love with the series solely due to the beauty of the narration and its strong power to hold me till the very end. The book is alluring with its simplicity in narration and treatment of the plot and does not make things complicated enough to lose interest. Plot is equivalent factor as to why you should try this book.

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