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Sweet as a Candy

Tides - Mara Oudenes-Cruz Ramos
First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

This book is what i call a Disney book because of the feel good factor and the hidden messages. Just as a Disney movie comes with subtle messages and instills the goodness of life, the book too is filled with sweet moments and a happy ending.

The book is one giant happy family.

Tides has a lovely setting and bunch of characters that you will love to laugh and cry with. Get ready to deal with a whole lot of characters. I guess the problem with the book lies in the fact that as of now it is surfing through the surface and touching upon all these characters with the bare essentials and not actually indulging much time with any of them and the book is made up of blocks of each of these characters and the time you get with each character is very minimal.

But if you overlook this tiny little part, the book is filled with lots of sweet moments and my personal favorite, light banters and humors adding colors to the whole book. Every character is lovable and gives you an amazing time. Language and narration keeps up the pace.

This book in my opinion is something that is worth picking up if you are looking to read something that is light, good humored and can brighten your mood by bringing up that long lost smile.The book is sweet to the core.

There was a part where the author has gone too detailed which according to me was completely unnecessary. Ironically that is the only part where the book actually halts and goes into details. The part between Dylan and Ross when they are having an intimate moment. None of the other characters got that kind of screen space. But as i said rest of the book is good enough to overlook this.

A mood brightener. That is what this book is.Filled with sweet and light moments, this book is something that is a quick read and is equivalent to watching a Disney family movie. The character sets are lovable and a solid group to share your time with. It brings smile to your face.I think that in itself is a big testament to how good the book is.