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The sequel has taken a leap

— feeling vampire
The Trail of Terror (Horror at the Lake (A Vampire Tale) Book 2) - Vanessa A. Ryan

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

It took me a really long time to come back to the series and i was surprised to see how the book has changed in the sequel. It had new turns and the whole feel seemed to be different. The author was true in saying that the book is a bit different. in my opinion it is not a bit different but a whole lot different.

I thought that the trail of terror was perhaps the only book which had dealt with the practical aspect of life after turning into vampire. It was hilarious to see how a daily routine could be different to achieve once you have become the creature of the night. The author kept tickling me with such clever questioning of life as a vampire and in that regard i would say the book had a very different theme altogether. This was like " Adjusting to my new life as a vampire 101". There were things that the author threw at me that never crossed my mind before in spite of having read a thousand vampire books.

The language and narration was good. In the first book i had complained that the author tended to go into nuisances of the details a bit too much and the second book seemed to have rectified this. At least it does not fall of the track and keep you in the main stream quite nicely. The new characters and the backgrounds all have added a new spark that i did not expected could be possible after the end of the first book but the author has managed to revive the series in the second book.

Although i feel the book has ended on a slight cliff-hanger-ish point, but then that only makes you want to see how all this will end up.

The book has turned for the best. This new book in the series comes with a highly elevated plot. It is quite different from the first book and i felt was the only book that showed a practical version of life as a vampire. The narration and language is good and the plot has the capability to keep the book breathing. it is fast and devoid of any lingering