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At least its better than the previous books

— feeling cool
Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick

I never really did like the series to begin with, .. partially because i felt that the series was a copy of the twilight series and the only difference being that our hero is an angel and not a shining vampire. Neither "Hush-hush" or "Crescendo" sparked an undying admiration for the series and now "silence" has also failed at doing the same but i will admit that i found "silence" better than the previous two as there was something new in the plot line. Either that or i have really developed a good coping mechanism for the series. Or maybe distance did make me grow fonder as i am returning to this series after a really long time. In fact so long that i didn't even recognize very many characters or even the names.

"Silence" has a plot line that was kind of predictable but i will gladly take it over repetition of twilight saga. There was at least something new to look forward other than the usual plot developers like, a new love triangle or trouble in paradise stuff. So yes the plot was a little better and had an intriguing and engaging level to it ...far better than Hush Hush and Crescendo.The language and narration is good. Simple, crisp and flowing so no complain there

So basically i think i am now prepared to plunge further into the series with only one more book to go, the "finale" but frankly one could easily go without reading it as "silence" has silenced the curiosity and you could die peacefully even without knowing what is destined to happen in the next book...

i have never been really a fan of this series and the third book has not been able to change much of my attitude either but i will admit that the story line is a bit different from the previous two books and had at least some new twists and turns to look forward. Fortunately there is no new love interest or lover's spat to suffer through and with a fair enough story line i think this was a better pick from the entire series. It was kind of refreshing and starting in a new way sort of thing. So in general for me the book was neither good nor bad but an ok book