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i had to skim read it 

— feeling beaten
The Girl Who Wouldn't Die - Marnie Riches

i dont know why, but i feel like i should put a disclaimer before my review that ..." this could all be me" . Maybe its all the praises that this book is getting and finding myself to be the odd one out... so yeah, this book could be different for you and maybe its just me who couldn't appreciate it as much...


I found the book to be so long and sleep inducing that i ended up skim reading it and i am mentioning this in the starting itself to be fair to those who have actually sit through those long pages and have paid attention to each and every word of the book.


The book may have a strong plot with lots of intricacies but that does not mean you can use a lack luster language to narrate it.i will any day admit that the book carried an amazing and impactful plot but a bland narration killed it for me. Everything seemed too technical and straight forward and lacking that oomph factor or intrigue that could keep you on edge and glued to the book and the major reason for this is the language


There is no depth and beauty in the language and unfortunately lots of colloquialism contaminate the language and hence the resulting narration too. The author gets caught up in adjectives and describing the beauty of the surroundings so much that by the time it comes to the main point, i am already deep in slumber.


The language is rough and bitter and does not have a smoothness to it that should have helped you understand what is going on because trust me, with so many layers and nuisances to the story, it is really hard to keep track when you don't understand what exactly is happening. While typical British/English phrases be a common occurrence for that demographic readers, for the general masses it becomes a bit too hard to absorb.


Even amidst all the disappointment, i am deeply impressed with the core plot and the characters. Each character is made so strong and sharp that you get caught up in their world. I did enjoy the plot twists and turns (whichever i could grab during my skim read) but all in all the book was not a fun read for me because of the irregularity in the narration and a weak language. To me the book had no intrigue factor in the narration that could keep you interested in the book and requires a strong perseverance which sadly i lacked when i picked up the book. Either that or i was really impatient towards the slow and gradual progress of the book