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Its Electric

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

I could not think of a better word than electric for this book as it touches you strong and sends jolts of high currents as you keep reading and immersing yourself into the book


To take the book at its face value, then it is your typical Stockholm syndrome in play but this is perhaps one of those books where story or plot does not matter as the entire book is strong with all the emotions and characters that you barely get the time to look the story as the bigger picture.


The good Girl is all about strong emotional narration of the characters involved. The book deals A-Z  of all the struggles, personal turmoil and conflicts of the characters. Its very intense and cuts you deep because the currents and emotions are running that strong.


There is a story strong enough to hold you but more that that it’s the characters that hold you to the book. It is not going to be an easy read if you are emotional kind of reader and have tendency of shedding tears or sending your heart on a monster ride at drop of a hat because trust me the book will tear you apart with its roller coaster ride.


The book moves tremendously smooth and fast in its track and in spite of dealing with the bold and raw emotions of the characters there Is still pieces of mystery and suspense that keeps fitting itself into the general puzzle and the narration technique is used in a way that the major revelations hit you at the beginning itself and then slowly unravels the rest of the pieces and it is done so effectively that you won’t find the interest dropping till the very end.


If the book does not appeal to anybody then it has to be because of the high level of EQ (Emotional Quotient) of the book and maybe lack of too many spiced up events but that is where I loved the book for keeping it plain and natural and not glamorizing anything be it the romance or the whole investigation. I thought the realistic treatment of the events in the book and the kind of emotional responses the characters gives, makes it easy to absorb and feel natural


The book is not for those who can’t bear emotional roller coasters of the characters or who cannot sit through high voltage EQ. I found the book to be extremely jolting and welded with powerful storytelling and characters. The whole book is psychological outlook and treatment of how a single event changed the lives of all those who was involved.  The book is character based. Yes the core plot is of suspense and mystery but more than that the book deals with the characters and their emotional strengths and weakness. Its really powerful