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Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick

Yes the fan following of this series is in itself a proof as to how popular and groundbreaking it was. But pardon me if I do not share your enthusiasm towards the series. If you ask me why I did not like the series then I would say that I did like the series but not so much that I will be singing verses for the author or the characters or the series for that matter, from the rooftop. My experience  with the whole series has been that of a bitter-sweet .I did like some parts but hated others. So in general I did not hate the series nor do I love it. It was ok and fairs enough for me.


Finale does deliver on the promises it had build up by the end of the third book, silence and with new turns of events and introduction of characters coupled with few groundbreaking revelations, finale was a nice touch and a good end for the entire series but it may have been too good too because I felt that the end was a little too sweet and rushed. Everything seemed to be conveniently falling into places and trying to tie all the loose knots into available spaces. The language and narration as like the previous books maintained its firmness and fluidity making it a smoother ride.


Just as with the first two books in the series NORA GREY did manage to irk me in finale but then that is perceptive so no point debating on that.


As I mentioned in my reviews of the respective books, I found Hush hush and Crescendo to be a mere shadow of the twilight saga and because of which I could not actually fall for the series as others did. Yes maybe the time it did release the whole angel concept was alien and new because of which it did accumulate lots of interests but by the time, I turned towards the series I had already read about a whole lot of books on angel concept itself so for me the series had nothing new to offer and that is exactly my reason for not being a fan of the series.


Silence seemed to be the best in the whole series where there were a whole lot of plot changes and developments. Finale just followed on that and conveniently wrapped up everything into one giant knot.


The series is recommended to anybody who loves paranormal romance or angels as it is not a bad read but for those who are looking for something different or new, then this is not for you


Finale, the last in the Hush Hush series follows up through the last book, Silence and personally to me did not elevate the story much but yes there were some revelations in the plot but all those were done so as to make all the loose pieces fit into the entire puzzle. Everything automatically kept aligning and sometimes too conveniently to digest. The language, narration and story in general are smooth and bring you an easy breezy read.