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Cindrella never looked this better with nuts & bolts

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

Was I sleeping? How could I miss this series?


If nothing, one has to really applaud the brilliance of the whole concept and theme of the story. Cinder is retelling the story of cindrella and I am in awe of how despite picking up a dystopian world and a cyborg for the central character, the author has managed to make it a perfect modern day Cindrella fairy tale. It seems the author has taken every tiny part into consideration as nothing felt out of place and still in spite of knowing how the story will wrap up, you still was curious and intrigued by the turn of events


I think no one has ever done justice to fairy tale retelling as much as the author has done. It is like she has thought of everything. The step mom, late father figure, the royal ball, the chores, the slipping of the foot…. WOW !! Simply WOW


The story developed is perfectly justifying the dystopian theme, concept of cyborg, along with the classic fairy tale of CIndrella. Cyborg and cindrella were not the two worlds that I ever hoped to see together but apparently it can be done and that too beautifully


The nuisances and the details to the basic plot is what make this book, a perfect rendition. The story has lot more going to it than basic Cinderella story. There are lot of layers to the story and yet is narrated with a perfection and simplicity that draws you into the book.


The first two pages did kind of make my head go into spiral with all the mechanical words and description of our cyborg girl but then the tongue loosens up and you are able to relish this book with ease.


If you are looking for something different then pick this book just to see how the author has brilliantly adapted the classic Cinderella story into such a believable and absorbing dystopian novel. Characters, the basic plot and the narration are absolutely impressive and the book to me was a pleasant surprise and a fun joyous ride