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Alex and the Wolpertinger- The Monster Inn - Koos Verkaik

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book


I can’t remember the last time I read a children’s book but reading this book has definitely taken me back in time and reminding me of all those bedtime story telling sessions.


The book did not make me feel odd at all that I was reading a children’s book as I kept smiling and enjoying all through the whole book….. hmmm !! maybe that is a little odd

It was velvety from the start of the book and had a warm tone to its whole narration. I loved the character of Alex and chum, the tom cat


I am amazed as to how it fits perfectly for an adult read as well as for a kid as the narration is very neutral in terms that it does not go simple or childish for an adult reader to enjoy neither is it too hard or complex for a child to understand and it is a find blend for both age groups


I am just happy that I have two more books with me to follow Alex into his world and see his new adventures (which suddenly is making me question and dread my brain capacity)


A superbly and elegantly put together book that works charmingly for both kids and adults and that is a rare thing to happen. The narration and the story is sweet and warm enough to put you to a dreamy sleep and packing  into a dreamland or take you back to the days when you would listen to fairy tales and stories about castles and kings