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Strike through actually worked for me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi

I know I am too late to join the series now that it is already three books old coupled with a whole lot of novella and even a  TV series in talks for the series. BUT never late than Never ..right !!


I don’t know whether it was intentional on the author’s part or just me that kept drifting towards the antagonist of the book.  Right from the introduction of the antagonist, Warner, I have been curious and more interested in him than our central character Juliette or our “good boy” Adam and this was pretty rare for me or Maybe the toll of reading book after book of “perfect boyfriend” must have caught up to me and my alliances have finally started going towards the dark side


Shatter Me did shatter my hopes at first when the strike through text was constantly posing as a threat to my whole reading experience. I was caught up between avoiding all the strikethroughs  and at the same time wanting to read it too. One needs patience and a little time to actually get used to this whole new narration technique. There is also one another thing that I noticed in the narration which is the poetic notions. There was too much adornment to the language. Way too much accessorizing which I thought was diminishing the importance of scenarios and narration.


It really did bother me through first two chapters when sun kept jumping into the ocean or chocolate valley got surrounded by white clouds and grey got smeared with red and… ..Zzzzz…………. (oops sorry I think dozed off  a little there)


The similes, metaphors and other adornments used by the author is a little unusual. The author’s treatment style is entirely different when it comes to describing emotions and surroundings. So yes it takes a while to get used to it but it does not mean that they are bad or not working but that needs a bit of time


The plot to be honest did not give anything new for me but at the same time served to be a good and fun read. To me the star and point of continuing the series is WARNER, the antagonist. I don’t know why but that particular character has a space and sketch in the book that draws attention than anybody else.


I am not in doubt that the author could be a great poetess and that particular curve of mind is visible in her story telling too. The series would have to be an average for me. Not bad yet not too good. Things moves pretty fast and quick and does not have too much complexity to it which to me is a good thing and absorption level of the book is pretty good too


Shatter Me requires you to have a little patience for the Strike through texts and the whole narration which has a little out of box descriptions and language adornments but otherwise it is a good book. The plot even though is a culmination of various good elements seen over various paranormal romances, still holds strong on its own. For me the character of Warner is what keeps this books running.